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9/22/17 - 5AM Workouts - Incline Chest Press: 8x3, 300 Pounds - Not too many people know this, but I happen to have a right acromioclavicular joint separation. It's not a major injury and I'm able to do all of my daily life activities without any limitations...with the exception of one thing and one thing only, the bench press, one of my competition lifts. Because of this, my bench press training has been a bit limited and I haven't really been able to progress as well as I have with the squat and deadlift. Enter the incline chest press machine, one of my favorite accessories that I haven't trained in about 6 months. I'm going to be adding this exercise to my training twice a week to supplement my bench press because it allows me to overload my working weight and more importantly it doesn't irritate my AC joint, so I can add high intensity and high volume work without having any setbacks. - Current bodyweight is 160.6 pounds. My next powerlifting meet is the Dominate the Hill Powerlifting Championship on 12/2 at Signal Hill.
The suspicious bag 😒 It always gets the "random" drug test at the security check and they always ask if it's possible that somebody has manipulated my bag without my knowledge ⁉️ 😕 Still, I love this bag 🖤 #suspiciousbag 😝
This whole petsmart thing makes me wanna cry and pull out my hair, so I had to explain the reason my drug test was false positive is because of my ADD medicine and then they called the pharmacy and since I haven’t gotten a new prescription they think I’m lying so I had to call my doctor and tell them I need a new prescription and they won’t prescribe it until Monday morning and I’m so stressed out I don’t know what to do I just wanna pull out all my hair #drugtest #notokay #addmedication #frustrating #petsmart #myownfault #ihatemyself #falsepositive
THG, better know as "The Clear" . Tetrahydrogestrinone, THG, is THE designer steroid that brought so much controversy to sports in the early 2000s. The father of prohormones, Patrick Arnold, developed this to be undetectable to the drug tests of the time. Honestly without this man's dabbling, there would likely be way less knowledge of steroid modifications out there. THG is a very strong steroid with no estrogenic activity that was indeed able to escape detection until someone turned a sample over for testing. . Looking at the structure you see it's strikingly similar to tren. It's got all of the same conjucations which increase its stability and prevent it from turning to estrogen. It also increases it's AR binding making it a more potent anabolic. However it's far more similar to its true parent compound gestrinone. . Gestrinone is a weak steroid for anabolism, but a fairly strong progestogenic molecule. It and THG only differ by a single bond at the 17a. It goes from a triple bond to a double bond which drastically increases anabolic activity. At the time there was no test for this specific modified form of tren or gestrinone, so it passed doping tests every time. That is until a trainer turned a sample over. . THG is one of the stronger steroids to hit the market, but it's now pretty rare. "Only a few drops" under the tongue were potent enough to create the world's best athletes of the time, and probably for a time to come. A dose of ~10mg daily was all that was needed, speaking to its potency. Results we're rapid gain in muscle, quick recovery, increased aggression, and the gambit of benefits steroids can give. . THG was pretty much only useful for passing drug tests, which is no longer does. Side effects are pretty bad for THG. This is insanely suppressive so test levels will be shot. The gains are very rapid, leading to the cardiovascular problems commonly seen with steroid use. This is also still a strong progesterone, which will kill libido. Like tren, this will also suppress your immune system, increasing the likelyhood of becoming sick. I don't think there is really a place for this compound anymore, though it's history is huge.
Drug Test lol So did I pass guys #looking4job #drugtest #oraltest #stillsmoking💨
#eazy_info #eazy_info ADD @eazy_info FOLLOW @eazy_info #fingerprinttest #fingerprint #cocaine #drugs #fingerprinttest #fingerdrugtest #drugtest #workdrugtest #rehab #molly # A new fingerprint test can detect cocaine in a person's system in seconds, according to a new study. Fingerprint testing would likely eliminate the risk of labs mixing up different test results. This new method of testing could be modified to test for other controlled substances, like heroin, methadone and prescription opioids. Fingerprint drug screening could become the new standard for courts, prisons and employers in as little as five years, researchers from University of Surrey say. The study, published in Clinical Chemistry, found that cocaine could be detected by developing the print using a chemical that does not affect the drug signals, or molecular traces, in the fingerprint. 'When you sweat, you’re actually excreting cocaine and its metabolites through your fingerprints,' explained one of the lead researchers, Dr Melanie Bailey. The University of Surrey researchers tested 16 known cocaine users at a drug rehabilitation facility using the new fingerprint method. They also took saliva samples from the same patients, to compare the two types of tests. The subjects were instructed to wash their hands by different methods, to make sure that signs of cocaine couldn't simply be washed off, before their fingerprints were taken. Once the prints develop, the piece of paper they are printed on is cut into a triangle, treated with a solvent, and clipped down to prepare them for scanning. The samples are placed in front of an extremely sensitive device called a mass spectrometer. The chemical make up of the finger print 'sweats up' into the spectrometer which measures the mass of the molecules found in the print. Cocaine and other drug compounds have a unique molecular mass, so if the the machine detects that mass, then cocaine is present. Mass spectrometers are already the gold-standard of drug testing, but scientists did not previously know how to collect a sample from a fingerprint without disrupting the drug's signals, and not all mass READ MORE BELOW 👇👇👇👇👇👇
When a new job makes you take a drug test, but you don’t have to use the bathroom... You sit and aren’t allowed to leave until you give your pee and they give you cups of water every 30 min. Wonder how long they can keep me here? #drugtest #morewaterplease #boredom #iwanttogo