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Really impressed with this Ethiopian from @origincoffeeroasters , light citrus acidity, sweet caramel and a delicious peach note came out as it cooled.
Working on the next concoction!
Embracing #coffee for all its health benefits this month during my study marathon. #liverlove #antioxidant #happydrug ... next month I'll embrace all the benefits of being caffeine free 😳
There goes any chance of me making my own cold brew again!!!! #coldbrewtus #coldbrewcoffee #drinkitblack #yetibrick
Bless my teammate who brought @starbucks for re-rigging boats at 5am! Now that that's done, going to enjoy a slower morning with a good breakfast to start this day! We got this #fitfam! xoxo, πŸ’›Christy
Evening walks with her are the best. Now that she stays up a little bit later we get to share sunsets too now. I love showing her this beautiful world the Lord has blessed us with. With every new duty station you wind up leaving a little bit of your heart behind. I will always hold Okinawa in my heart, because this is where she is born. ❀️
The perfect way to have a Sunday morning coffee! #Chemex #coffee #coffeebeans #freshlyground #drinkitblack #aroma #aesthic
Butter & Vanilla Bean Shortbread from @bakeologys_my with Black Coffee (Kenya Gichathaini AA) from @awaitcafekl to end Sunday...
His and hers meal prepped lunches. πŸ™Œ #mealprepmom
It's the little things. Sipping on ice cold sparkling water with πŸ‹ lemon slices while I wait for the freshly steamed floor to dry. We are cornered in her play area until it does. Happy to be "stuck"and watching her play. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜„β€οΈ
I cannot believe we went out and bought my little girl her first pair of hard sole shoes yesterday. The past 10 months have flown by, and I'm so grateful I have been home to watch her grow up. I'm also incredibly excited we have matching shoes as a family now. #sperryfamily #sperrybaby
Just what this morning called for! Check out @planetarycoffee hanging in the lot next to @thefillingstationtc this morning. #drinkitblack #greatcupofcoffee #tcstreetfood
Staring into the black abyss. #coffee #java #caffeine #drinkitblack