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Should you train the abs for a groin strain? When we look at where most of the groin muscles originate, we can see they share a common insertion with some of the abdominal muscles. This can be like a tug of war between the muscles. If we have one side not holding up its part, then we can be left with imbalanced force production and a not optimal tension-length relationship. This is often overlooked and can lead to reoccurring issues – which is why we address it here. We use a similar approach here of utilizing less dynamic movements initially to help target the groin muscles, then build in more dynamic movement and load over time. For the abdominals we use an approach of challenging the abdominals in both a isometric and isotonic format. This helps to integrate static strength to hold position, but also strength in being able to manipulate the pelvic positioning.
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Step-ups 🔹 Most of the time when patients/clients perform step-ups, they primarily perform them with a knee movement bias instead of a hip movement bias. This in turn puts more work through the quad thus also loading that quad and patellar tendon more which can lead to some unwanted affects. 🔹 I like performing step-ups from the side of the box so that it prevents any compensation such as rocking forward into the movement and pushing off through the trail leg. This method focuses on purely extending the hip and driving up vertically using the glutes as the primary mover. 🔹 Again it's all dependent on why you are performing the exercise and what the patient finds most comfortable and effective for them. #rehabilitation #rehab #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapy #physio #physiotherapy #physiotherapist #wellness #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #stepups #glutesworkout #power #powerathlete #powerathletehq #dpt #legday #athlete #athletes
💥Analogous Structures💥 ••• I would argue that this concept of analogs throughout anatomy is one of the best strategies for application of giving meaning to anatomy, helping with retention. It makes you use deep practice strategies such as asking why and using pattern recognition. You can also make "fun" games out of it as demonstrated in this example. ••• Deltoid/Gluteus Medius (GM) - Today we are starting with a more clear cut example of analogs in the upper/lower extremities. If you look at the picture above, you can clearly see that the GM is simply just the "Deltoid" of the lower extremity or vis versa. We can go on a tangent of describing similarities and differences from this point. So lets play a game...list some similarities and differences (feel free to comment in any you can think of not listed here!) - Similarities: 1️⃣Powerful abductors of their respective joints (hips/shoulders are analogs) 2️⃣Possess similar fiber orientation (mostly frontal plane, but contribute to all planes) 3️⃣Originate off a bony "spine" (spine of scapula/iliac crest are analogs) 4️⃣Insert into a lateral/distal prominence (deltoid tuberosity vs greater trochanter) - Differences: 1️⃣primary actions: A) GM is much more of a closed chain powerhouse helping us with gait🚶, while Deltoid is primarily a open chain power house, aiding in overhead work and use of arms🏋️‍♀️. Here's where the magic happens when we take this a step further: - B) Apply Wolff's law to their respective INSERTIONS...(deltoid tuberosity is NOT the analog to greater trochanter, but sort of...bonus...what is the true analog to the GT in the upper body?) Lets make sense of this difference... - C) Think about all the STRESS with the GM supporting our body weight on stance leg VERSUS the stress from the Deltoid holding up one upper limb... - Can you see where I am going with this??? ••• This strategy of analogs through the body can lead to endless creative thinking when it comes to comparing and contrasting anatomical structures and more importantly...GIVING THEM MEANING!!!! TBH probably one of my most useful pieces of studying advice for learning anatomy! Hope you enjoy ✌🏼
Having difficulty with completing a handstand pushup or a handstand??? The series will start tomorrow on what I have used to help improve/progress my handstand and hand stand pushups. #handstand #yoga #pilates #fit #fitness #handstandpushup #strength #balance #shoulders #core #crossfit #gym #workout #gymnastics #acroyoga #pt #dpt #progression #cscs
"Nah, let me rep this out quick"
This is what makes up your muscles. The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body. Attached to the bones of the skeletal system are about 700 named musclesthat make up roughly half of a person's body weight. Each of these muscles is a discrete organ constructed of skeletal muscle tissue, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves. #anatomy #musclesystem #bicep #brachile #musclesystem #dpt #stretch #fitness
. Episode 84: Deficit Split Squats 🏋🏻‍♀️🤔😱 . Progressing a patient can occur in so many different ways, including choosing more difficult exercises. Sometimes though you or the patient loves a particular exercise and we don't want to change it. In a situation like this, progress comes in the form of altering some of the more common variables such as volume, load, frequency, or we can also change things such as range of motion requirements, and time under tension. . . Here is a great way to progress the split squat by placing the feet on elevated surfaces. The increased depth that the back knee can now drop into will require greater dynamic flexibility, and if performed at the same pace, increased time under tension. This progression takes a great exercise like the split squat and makes it significantly more challenging. Remember, once you have the form down load this bad boy up, and gain some strength! . Disclaimer‼️🚨🏥: This is not medical advice! Seek a licensed medical professional if you are in pain. We are not responsible for any injuries you may incur attempting these drills. @clinicalathlete
Our mood after #APTANext meetings and lectures. A study by the journal Health Services Research found that using #physicaltherapy as a first treatment strategy resulted in 72% fewer costs within the first year for the patient.
While a great GPA and GRE score will help you be competive, your recommendation letters can help solidify the acceptance. That is why, it is so important to take advantage of how you spend your time when collecting observation hours. For my case, I didn't have a competitive GPA or GRE, I relied on my personal statements, letters, and variety of clinical settings to help me get noticed. Also, not only will the relationships you create help you get into school, it can be a great source afterwards when it's time to land a job. - - ->Check the link in my bio to learn what I did to leave a lasting impression at each setting
THE LEGS FEED THE WOLF ---------------------------------------------- I first heard this quote in the 🎥 "Miracle" and then again from my college 🏈 coach, however I just recently grasped the powerful message behind these words. ---------------------------------------------- Just because you are a WOLF 🐺 doesn't automatically mean that you will get FEED. Wolves need to use their legs in order to catch their prey. . Wolves need to HUNT. ---------------------------------------------- Just because you are TALENTED doesn't automatically mean that you will achieve SUCCESS. . You need to WORK HARD in order to get what you want. ---------------------------------------------- Find what you love. Work hard. Be consistent. Good things will happen. ---------------------------------------------- #flofitness #dptstudent