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Took my girl @abbeyperone's suggestion and dropped in to @crossfithuebner yesterday and Tuesday, and goddamn what a blast it was. Dope box, dope programming, dope coaching, dope people, and I immediately felt like I was at home. Hands down the best box in San Antonio, so definitely roll through the next time you decide to visit the riverwalk. Special shoutout to @naomiwueste831 for her photo skills and knowing how to make the most of dem filters. Come visit LA, you 🦄. #Maestrofied —————————————————————— Be sure to follow The Movement Maestro on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for all things #movement and #mobility related. Come move with the Maestro.
Halfway done 😩❤️
When "I" is replaced by "WE" even illness becomes wellness. Let's remove your body pain together. Visit a Physical Therapist today. #CoreXpertPT #PhysicalTherapy #PhysioTherapy #PhysioTherapist #PhysicalTherapist #DPT #Physio #PT #PTRP
From newly engaged infants to a teacher married to a (just about almost!) doctor of physical therapy! California sure has been a journey of growth. But we've got big news...we're coming home to Helena! Brūs has a job in outpatient PT at Peak PT and I'm going to teach 4th grade at Radley in East Helena. Buck will be helping me pack us up this summer while Brūs finishes school and we'll all be Montana bound in August. #cominghome #montana #montanalove #moving #teacher #iteachtoo #iteachfourth #graduation #dpt
드디어 기다리던 가방이 😍옷도 케이스도 도트인걸보니 나이를 먹어도 난 #도트매니아 워누 예방접종하러 나가야겠다💃 #기저귀가방 #마피아벌킨백 #s사이즈 #아들스타그램 #예방접종 #dpt #소아마비1차
V A R I A B I L I T Y: _________________________________________________ In general, we find that common orthopedic injuries are the result of one or a combination of the following conditions: ▪️TOO LITTLE movement variability to tolerate demands ▪️TOO MUCH movement variability to control ▪️TOO MUCH training volume, intensity, frequency, etc. _________________________________________________ We find that BOTH highly specialized athletes (powerlifters, sprinters) and sedentary individuals fall into the first category. _________________________________________________ While this may be purposeful in athletes, both groups tend to over-train or over-use certain movement patterns while NEGLECTING others. _________________________________________________ Essentially, both groups "practice" certain postures, patterns, and movement strategies so much that their body will use them even when they are NOT the most efficient strategy for a particular task. This is known as COMPENSATION. _________________________________________________ For example, a high-level powerlifter spends a majority of their training cycle practicing the squat, bench press, and deadlift (sagittal plane, extension-based movement patterns). Strength increases with improvements in movement efficiency (practice, motor learning) and a reduction in movement variability (decrease in the degrees of freedom in other planes). As a result, the body will present with limited movement options and will "default" into these high-tension, extension-based postures during other activities of daily living (walking, dressing, sleeping). _________________________________________________ Overall, limited movement variability increases the overall demand on "over-trained, over-used" patterns and subjects individuals to OVERUSE INJURIES due to their inability "turn-off" dominant postures, patterns, or movement strategies and "access" others. _________________________________________________ TAKEAWAY MESSAGE: "If you don't use it, you lose it." #theperformancetherapist #bridgethegap #sportsperformance #athleticdevelopment #strengthcoach #DPT #physicaltherapy #rehab #TeamParabolic @goparabolic @themovementguys @tj.allday
P365 Episode 1057: Best T2B Accessory. Want better T2B. Start adding these into your routine. Full episode at www.TheWODdoc.com WODDoc: The place where athletes go to fix their broken down WODs. Follow on IG and Facebook. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to visit www.thewoddoc.com .. And don't forget ... The only worthless knowledge is the knowledge that you don't share.. Share the wealth!!! #woddoc #project365 #everydamnday #crossfit #fitness #athlete #technique #mobility #nutrition #culture #olympicweightlifting #fitness #fit #fitspo #powerlifting #exercisescience #chiropractic #pt #dpt #sportscience #workout #hookgrip #fitfam #desklift #lifefit #knowledgebombcentral #rowing #crossfitopen2017 #crossfitregionals2017 #east #t2b
New doctor, who this?? Couldn't have done the past three years without these freaks #nymc #dpt #nyc #wedidit #letscelebrate
Raise your hand 🙋🏼if you don’t think of this muscle often…or ever…like I have! The Serratus Posterior Inferior is not a big celebrity like maybe the Lats are or even the Trapezius that lie on top of it. And we know that this muscle (or any muscle) does not act alone, so maybe we can just lump it together with the other muscles that perform similar actions? 🤔Maybe… If you have any interest in becoming a more efficient breather, then this little bud is part of your game plan. It connects your last 4 ribs to T11-L2. It’s short. By its attachments, you might think it would help assist the trunk into extension, but it act (when working together) or rotation (when working separately); but maybe it helps resist or control how much your trunk flexes or rotates in the opposite direction. It has been known to assist with forced air expiration, but what about the role it plays when you inhale? I mean when you take a breath, so keep your puff-puff-give minds out of the gutter for a sec In my patients who really have lost their ability to breathe efficiently, I will break their inhale down into 2 parts: First part is breathing into the belly without ribcage movement, and second part allowing the mid-lower rib cage to expand east<->west and posteriorly. During Part A, this is where the SPI anchors the rib cage down, allowing for the diaphragm to do its descent into the abdominal cavity. The SPI makes sure the diaphragm’s descent downward isn’t diminished by the simultaneous ribcage ascent upward. Then in Part B, in pushing the breath into the lateral/posterior rib cage the SPI allows for rib cage expansion into these areas, where people typically don’t breathe into. Less elevation (which tends to call in those accessory breathers of the upper thorax and neck) and more into the depths of where your lungs are. For me, this way of doing things has worked well to get patients to really think about where their breath is going. Can you isolate this muscles as being the cause of pain? Doubtful, given all the others in the region but I can assure you that if breathing is a problem, then you should figure out how you can cue it to be better🤓
DM #367: Let's face it, if you were still taking insurance and getting referrals from doctors, half the time those diagnoses are wrong. 🤷🏽‍♂️ --- I did a DM about this a while back, and I think it bears repeating. A diagnosis gives a name, often times just fancy words, to a complaint. It doesn't tell us why that issue is there, or how to fix it. It's basically just a synonym for these symptoms that the patient has stated. --- The assessment, now that's where the money is that. That's what's going to tell you why something hurts, and what to do about it. And yes, the assessment absolutely includes the subjective report/history from the patient. It all matters. --- When I teach my rocktape courses, I make it a point to explain that we don't have pathology specific taping. That just doesn't make sense. How you tape, (as is the case with any intervention) is going to be based upon the person in front of you, and the assessment that you performed. It's as simple as that. --- So, assess, don't guess. Provide a diagnosis for patients as it relates to helping them feel better because they can put a name to their pain/symptoms. But make sure that you both remember that treatment is going to be based off of your findings, not how well you can read a messy prescription. --- Daily Maestroisms dropping every night at 7pm-ish PST. Get yours. Like it? Repost it. Don't understand it? Hit me up and get #Maestrofied. —————————————————————— Be sure to follow The Movement Maestro on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for all things #movement and #mobility related. Come move with the Maestro.
When I ask my patients how much pain they in from a scale of 0 to 10 and they tell me 50. I chuckle.
ANTERIOR TILT💫 . posterior chain strengthening💪🏻. . As we know with APT generally the abs and the posterior chain become weak/deconditioned and allow the pelvis to be pulled into an anterior spill. Since the posterior chain muscles🍑 are mainly responsible for pulling the pelvis back into posterior tilt it makes sense if they're weak the pelvis does the opposite... so let's take care of that. . With p/rehab I generally start with bridging and chair ham lifts (see previous posts) but my allllll time faaaaavs for strengthening are good old Nordic Curls (maybes a little soccer/futbol⚽️ nostalgia?) . Nordic Curls can be done with a bud OR! you can swiss ball them OR! make them band assisted- {raise a hand below you wanna see these variations ✋🏻} . 📍Kneeling have a bud hold down your ankles or wedge them under a rig to hold you solid, 📍think of posterior ticking the pelvis and 📍SLOWLY lower yourself to the ground trying to 📍maintain a neutral spine 📍land in a push up-ish position and 📍launch yourself upright again - 👉🏻for ball assisted do the same movement rolling the ball out in front of you- 👉🏻or hook a band up on a rig behind you, loop the band around the front of your chest and then perform movement- 📍3x15 and try not to face smash😂...but really😐 . Enjoy! Question? Comments? Hit me up! ❤️
Change is hard. However if you want something to be different, you need to change what you're doing to get there. # Have a nagging injury or issue that just won't go away? Try doing something different and be consistent with it. The body generally doesn't respond as quickly as we would like, so you may need to be a little patient. # On the other hand, if something ain't broke, don't fix it! If you know something works for you, don't hop on the latest trend you saw on Instagram. Everyone is different, so what works for someone might not work for you and vice versa. # Stay sane my friends. # #pt #dpt #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #crossfitpt #docwhosquats #therapistswhotrain #docwholifts #movementministry #mvmtministry #docinabox
Want to learn how the lower extremity chain works? Yes....the position of your foot in standing can contribute to lower back pain amongst many other common aches. Prevent these defecits from becoming injuries. Improve your tolerance to the physical aspects of your job. Perform better at your sport. Make an appointment at Best Life Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine today. #bestlifept #prevention #drking #DPT #physicaltherapy #prevention #biomechanicalanalysis #stopyourpain #liveyourbestlife
The ecosystem of Physical Therapy... - ▪️Rehabilitation ▪️Strength and Conditioning ▪️Sport performance ▪️Injury prevention #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #dpt #choosept #rehab #prehab #strengthtraining #sportsperformance #physio
#fragile systems hate stress. #antifragile ones (our body) need it.
My IG famous cousin. #namethiscelebrity
7 years ago to the day I received my bachelors degree from UTEP 😳. 7 years later, I haven't aged a day 😌(just dropped the earrings), and I'm days away from my next journey for my doctorate in physical therapy at UTEP. This was my initial goal post bachelors. It's crazy yet awesome how it all has come to fruition now. I know it's all God and all praise to Him for this opportunity and opening this door for me 🙌🏻. I'm forever grateful, but lots of studying and hard work ahead of me. No matter what your goals or dreams are, I'm proof it's never too late to pursue them. How bad do you want it and what steps of faith will you take to get there 🤔? #bachelorsdegree #utep #classof2010 #throwback #dpt #classof2020 #newjourney #newbeginnings #faith #hardwork #godisgreat #grateful #blessed
Episode 147: Bulgarian Split Squat with Overhead Press ⠀ Similar to a Half Kneeling Overhead press, this movement accomplishes the same goals of anti-rotation, unilateral loading and balance/coordination, and shoulder strength/stability. ⠀ The main difference is the back knee. With the back knee not in contact with the ground, we have taken away a point of contact, leaving two, and increased the kinesthetic demand on the body. Balance becomes a primary factor and requires much more mental focus. ⠀ The cues we normally focus on "Ribs down, elbow extension, shoulder fully flexed, external rotation" become much more difficult when our main focus is balance. ⠀ If you have difficulty with these movements or have any questions, comment or concerns please feel free to comment below or contact me via the information in my bio! ⠀ #TheMovementDr #ReThinkYourRehab #OutWorkEveryone #ClinicalAthlete @clinicalathlete #ClinicalAthlete @makoathletics #physicaltherapy #rehab #stretch #crossfit #cppensacolaadventure #injuryprevention #fitness #exercise #mobility #stability #strength #health #stability #evidencebased #makocrossfit #DPT #health #movementismedicine #motivation #crossfitgames #sportsrehab #crossfit @jennbennsays
#WCW to my fit fam, my gorgeous besties, future DPTs, and one of the reasons I laugh so much in life💕 #loveyous #lifeofagradstudent #dpt #atx #usastudents
This is the face of a girl who just used her mileage points to get not 1 but 2 flights to a BIG... HUGE... Biggest coaching event of the year in New Orleans. The late nights, the judgments, the discomfort of getting out of my comfort zone has been crazy worth it💕 To build a business from home that teaches people to LOVE themselves and treat themselves like they're worthy. >>>it's worth it<<< 🙋🏻 I'm worth it! My family is worth it! My sanity is worth it! YOU are worth it. This journey started with one decision, to take a risk and trust a friend that I could have her happiness... If you're looking for happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, LIFE, Freedom Let's chat 📲 you can coach too... You should coach too!
#3actslide provides a unique environment to challenge stability and mobility in all 3 planes of motion.
Vamo q vamo 😚👊👊 #DPT #BDayTai 💙
Step 1, The Rib Pull: ⠀ The first prerequisite Iron Tamer David Whitely establishes for gaining the necessary mobility for the half kneeling #BentPress is the #RibPull. The Rib Pull is a great movement to actively work into new ranges of thoracic rotation PRIOR to adding load with the #kettlebell. And hey, even if you aren’t about to attempt a Bent Press, it’s good to do because you’ve most likely spent too much time in a forward head/rounded shoulders posture whilst reading this from your phone or computer. ⠀ Here @ekprime explains the points of performance, and introduces #PNF breathing to aid the bodies ability to move deeper into the range. ⠀ Points of Performance: -Lay directly on your side -Straighten the bottom leg so that it is aligned with your spine -Grab the top leg with the opposite hand holding it towards the ground to lock out your lumbar spine -With the top hand, grasp the bottom rib cage -Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly following the shoulder towards the ground with your eyes, moving in unison with exhales – the goal is for both shoulders to be on the ground. ⠀ Note: owning a new range takes time and effort, PNF breathing paired with movement yields short term results – but repetition is what will solidify your ability to stay in that range.
Loving this Tri Planar Single Leg Deadlift from @strengthcoachtherapy 👍🏻. • Maximizing Multi Planar Closed Chain Stability is Vital To a Healthy Hip & Spine. • Thanks for the exercise @strengthcoachtherapy will definitely be incorporating this move with my athletes might have a theraband attached to the top of the kettle bell where he is gripping for more variable resistance posterior chain recruitment 🙌🏼
Not a lot that I can add to this one...John Wooden is a legend and says it all right there. I think we can all admit to failing in at least some of those areas. Be large. Be noble. Be strong. Be happy. Words to live by. - Follow @mitchhauschildt on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for concepts, ideas and a better understanding of the human machine. Don’t miss out on my weekly blog posts with more in depth information. Link is in bio. #maximummovement
#Repost @basicmvmtpt ( @get_repost) ・・・ Bulletproof your feet 3: today we talk about foot and toe mobility!!! 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 Your foot has many muscles, joints and bones similarly to the hand. Your foot is meant to move freely and when it is stuck in a shoe all day it moves as one block instead of the many smaller components. This limits your mobility, structures begin to tighten, and your muscles get tied down together and are trained to function as one muscle instead of many individual muscles. A good practice to have is to use a ball and roll out the bottom of the foot at the end of the day for just a few minutes. This can be followed by working on your toe mobility. I like to start by flexing and extending the toes all together and then using your fingers to space out the toes. Then I like to go by each toe individually and spread them out and then flex and extend them. Give this a try for 5 minutes a day on each foot for a week and see how your feet feel. #fit #fitness #foot #feet #footpain #arch #rehab #prehab #therapy #prehabdaily #pt #dpt #physio #physicaltherapy #gym #crossfit #exercise #mobility #romwod #stretch #yoga #mobilize #health #healthy
Yuuk #dpt teman'sodara'sahabat'&duit&&gift from momi mulyadi #thank for all alloh swt
Officially done with academics for the rest of my life!! Clinical rotations here I come!! ✨ #rudpt18 #doctorofphysicaltherapy #dpt
Reverse Overhead Barbell Lunges This exercise alone can leave you feeling like you had a great workout. From head to toe muscles are fighting hard to keep your core stable and to allow the legs to move independently. Find a weight that allows you to keep your arms straight overhead and allows you to control your legs into the reverse Lunge movement. It's very easy to find a weight that's too much for this exercise so if you have to, start with just your body weight with your arms overhead to practice the movement pattern. This is an advanced exercise so make sure your Lunges and your core are rock solid before trying them. A simple 3 sets of 12 with a 1:30 rest break will leave your body screaming. Check it out! #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #strengthandconditioning #cscs #hybridphysicaltherapist #education #cscs #exercise #workout #bebetter #strengthofknowledge #pr1memovement #pr1meshape #workharderandsmarter #weighttraining #weights #strength #strengthcoach #rehab #rehabilitation #dpt #knowledge #workouts #legs #legday
Hi my name is Casey, but you can call me Dr. McKavanagh #DPT #SlayInMay
🤔🤔🤔😂 I bet they probably had their rotary cup worked on too! #dpt #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapylife #memes #icouldwriteabook #ilovemyjob #ptproblems #ohlord
Worked on growing my wings today! My back is one of the hardest parts for me to grow so it's nice actually seeing some progress. 😊 #hardworkpaysoffs Today was my first day of gross anatomy at the graduate level and let me tell you, that class ain't no joke. Completed my first cadaver dissection today! I swear I need literally ALL the showers to get rid of the formaldehyde 🤢 #anatomylabproblems . . . . #gradstudent #gradschool #grossanatomy #dpt #umdpt #miami #universityofmiami #futurephysicaltherapist #dedication #progress #grit #improvement #gains #growingmywings #lats #backday #backattack #bodybuilding #health #fitness #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #npcbikini #betteryourself #humpday
#Repost @rehabscience ( @get_repost). Fantastic post, you cannot overstate the importance of communication with our patients and not creating a nocebo effect. ・・・ Practitioner Language --------- Language matters a great deal when interacting with people in pain. Words that are either misunderstood or not understood well can delay recovery and, potentially, worsen one's symptoms. . Here are a few examples of words or phrases that rehabilitation practitioners frequently use and how they are interpreted by individuals receiving care: . 1️⃣ Instability - lay individuals often interpret this word as meaning that their back could 'go out' at any time. . 2️⃣Wear and Tear - often interpreted as something is 'rotting away', there are no treatment options and the condition will not get better. . 3️⃣Non-Specific - often interpreted as the health professional thinks my problem does not exist or doesn't know what my problem is. . 4️⃣Chronic - interpreted as 'a few steps from a wheelchair', will not improve or absolute. . So, choose your words wisely when speaking with someone in pain. Sometimes, the best thing can be to listen, provide reassurance and stay positive. At the end of the day, the fact is that most musculoskeletal problems get better with time and no intervention at all. ••••••••• Barker K et al. Divided by a lack of common language? - a qualitative study exploring the use of language by health professionals treating back pain. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2009. . Darlow B et al. The enduring impact of what clinicians say to people with low back pain. Ann Fam Med. 2013.
Week 28 Review———————————————————— . s/o to @merrittdwalker for helping us this week! . As we saw ⬅️on Monday, unstable surface training (UST) has recently ⬆️in popularity within the rehab and performance based settings. While UST does appear to be beneficial in those with a previous history of lower extremity 🤕injury, limited data exist to support whether or ❌not it can improve performance in healthy persons. So what did the following study have to say? 🤔 . Well, with the exception of agility times (which need further data), ALL performance values ⬇️in the UST group! While the authors noted ⬆️antagonist activity and ⬇️stretch shortening cycle functioning as reasons why, essentially UST (in healthy populations) may undermine the principle of specificity. In other words, training instability in the lower extremities may be INsufficient because while most activities occur on a stable surface, it's the upper extremity which is experiencing instability. . Thus, according to Cressey et al (2007), if instability is applied, it may be more appropriate to do so ⬆️higher up the kinetic chain within the context of more sport specific demands. Overall, whether the goal is to ⬆️speed, ⬆️force or ⬆️power, it appears that it's best to do so on stable surfaces. Now, for individuals who do compete on unstable surfaces such as beach 🤾‍♀️, 🏂, ⛷, 🏄 etc., these persons may benefit from UST applied to the lower extremities. . ✅CHECK BACK FRIDAY TO SEE... How to optimize performance by using a dynamic environment as opposed to a dynamic surface ———————————————————— ‼️CITATION‼️ Cressey, E, West, C., Tiberio, D., Kraemer, W., & Maresh, C. (2007). The Effects of Ten Weeks of Lower-Body Unstable Surface Training on Markers of Athletic Performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 21(2), 561-567.———————————————————— ‼️REMEMBER‼️ The following info is ❌NOT medical advice.———————————————————— ‼️TAG & COMMENT BELOW‼️ . @barbellrehab
Been a long 3 years, but finally got my diploma and couldn't be happier. Thanks to these people for all their support and dealing with me through all the stressful times. Thanks to @twee_twee30 for the great video! #usciences #PT #DPT. Officially Dr. Steven Gallagher 🙌🙌 @brooke_523 @gianaanastasio
When you graduated... but you still have to study for your national licensure exam. 😭 #thecountdown #july19 #dpt #studylife #npte #physicaltherapy #lifer
Pre-run fun pic with the #MC #DJ of #5kfoamfest .....I want to give a special thank you to all of you that participated. Thanks for signing up. DR. EFitness is all about staying fit while having fun, looking fabulous and meeting new peeps. Stay tuned for the next fun activity/adventure. My best always, Dr. Eseosa 💕💕😘 #fitness #health #wellness #5krun #dpt #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #nurse #nurses #healthcare #doctor
Has anyone heard of rotational mobilization?! It's a great technique for all joint structures! Especially those who are lacking knee extension. Using normal kinematic movements such as external rotation of the tibia and internal rotation of the femur with an extension mobilization increases the natural glide and improves ROM. This technique is more comfortable for the patient and increases ROM faster than the usual techniques. In today's society where insurance companies are limiting visits and athletes want to get back in the game faster this is an awesome manual therapy to add to your "tool box". #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapystudent #dptstudent #dpt #rehab #rehabilitation #theraputic_exercises_dpt
Yesterday was rough, but today is a NEW DAY ☀️ make the BEST of it darling 💕 Just started my own blog of imperfections & journey ✌🏼
Could you have "Text Neck!" "Text Neck" refer to neck pain that is cause by the forward neck bend posture you are in when your are texting on your smartphone. At a 15-degree angle, the weight is about 27 pounds on your neck, at 30 degrees it’s 40 pounds on your neck, at 45 degrees it’s 49 pounds on your neck, and at 60 degrees it’s 60 pounds on your neck. 60 pounds is equivalent to 7-8 year old child seating on your neck for several hours a day while you are reading e-mails, sending texts or checking social media. This can lead to early wear-and-tear on the spine, degenerate disc, and pain down your arms. To prevent "Text Neck", look down at your device with your eyes and do not bend your neck. If you are having neck pain, call at at (203) 978 - EDGE (3343) to find out how we can help you. #dynamicedgept #neckpain #physicaltherapy #wiltonct #text #neck #injuryprevention #injury #headache #smartphone #dpt #physiotherapy #physicaltherapist #yourbodyyourbest #posture #rehabilitation #manualtherapy