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Uma ótima conversa com @distancialonga e @extremos sobre um tema muito real na vida dos hikers de trilhas longas e que normalmente é levado pouco a sério! Obrigada aos dois pela oportunidade de falar sobre um assunto tão importante, e que a força que usamos pra enfrentar os desafios na trilha continue a nos ajudar fora dela! #pct2017 #freedom #liberdade #depressão #depressaopostrilha #dpt #strenght #fé #faith #backpacking #findyourself #missthetrails #missnature #amoanatureza #trilhaslongas #longdistancetrails #🌟
On Tuesdays we dance! Come move tonight with me in Sexy Beast 101 at Dogpatch Dance from 6:30 to 7:30. Sign up online to reserve your space in class! . #jaydedmovement #dogpatchdance #dpt #dogpatchtribe #sexybeast101
Time to get to know your therapist! Jessica has been with Southern Rehab for over 5 years as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Jessica graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Columbus State University and earned her associate’s degree for PTA from Darton College. She enjoys leading aquatic therapy sessions here at Southern Rehab. In her free time you can find her hanging out with her husband and daughter!
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Constipation can cause or exacerbate urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain. Having a daily bowel routine is a simple step that can have big impact on your pelvic floor health. Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to establish a daily bowel routine: 1. Tune in to your body's natural rhythm. We have a reflex that is initiated within 30-60 minutes upon waking that stimulates our bowels. Begin to draw your awareness to the sensation of this reflex and anticipate the urge to have a bowel movement within 60 minutes or less. 2. Make the time. Not giving ourselves enough time in our morning routines often leads us to miss the opportunity to have a bowel movement. Waking up before my kids and giving myself lots of time sit, breathe, meditate, eat and get ready before work makes a huge difference. 3. A warm beverage. Some prefer tea, others a coffee, or hot water with lemon. Whatever you enjoy most, begin to ritualize preparing and sipping something warm in the morning. The reflex mentioned above is further facilitated by warm liquids. 4. A motility massage, breath-work, meditation, and/or purposeful movement or positioning. Sometimes one or two, sometimes all four. One in particular that is really effective for me is journaling while lying on my front-body, propped on my elbows. The gentle compression to my bowels in this position is really helpful for me personally. Whatever is most effective for you may change day to day however, the intentional commitment to these practices will make a huge difference in improving your pelvic floor health and your overall wellbeing. What are some of the things you incorporate into your daily bowel routine? Please share below. #womenshealth #womenshealthpt #dpt #pelvicfloor #pelvicpain #pelvicfloorpt #womensupportingwomen #holistichealth #holistic #chronicpain #endometriosis #postpartum #motherhood #momlife #yoga #selfcare #meditation #selflove #healthylifestyle #health #wellness #bossbabe #momboss #constipation #dailyroutine #birthworker #doula #midwife #sandiegomom #socalmom
I’m obsessed with side planks and apparently so is Ryder (insert tail wag 😆)! Check out this fun way to add a dynamic challenge next time your practicing! Read my BLOG: Get Serious About the SidePlank to find out all about its strength benefits! Visit MariaPontillo.com to read or #linkinbio 💜 #themariamethod #coreworkout #yogacore #core #homefitness #onlinefitness #onlineworkouts #workoutwithme #signup #joinnow #physicaltherapist #dpt
When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life ❤️ - Sure, my job can be incredibly stressful at times (most days) and I'm always doing paperwork into the wee hours of the morning, BUT I am reminded daily how precious LIFE truly is, how blessed we are to have our HEALTH and how HELPING others and SMILING might actually be the SECRETS TO HAPPINESS ❤️ - BONUS: Scrubs, sneakers and athleisure is ALL I WEAR 🙌🏼 - Scrubs: Grey's Anatomy Jacket: Anna Luxe in Ash Rose by @ptulaactive Equipment: Foam Roller from 🔥 by @rumbleroller 😳 - #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #doctorofphysicaltherapy #dpt #mobility #foamroller #health #smile #ptulaactive
💥BARBELL STRAIGHT LEG DEADLIFTS💥 . ❓ One of the best exercises for lower extremity strength and mobility, are you doing this one wrong? . 📊 You read that right. Loaded SLDL's (straight led deadlifts) are an excellent way to regain more hamstring "flexibility". For all of you out there with "tight" hamstrings (i.e any normal male) add this to your program and see if you can finally make some gains. . 🌐 Start off with light weight, or even just the barbell. Work on hinging at the hips, having your legs slightly bent, and controlling the eccentric lowering of the barbell. You should localize the feeling to the posterior hamstrings. I prefer to do the barbell because my gym doesn't have heavy enough dumbbells, but that can absolutely be an effective alternate to the barbell. . 3 Common Mistakes I see: ❌Reaching with the back to bring the weight down ❌Locked out or hyperextended knees ❌Moving too much weight, with minimal tension on the hamstrings . 🐼 This is an exercise where I feel the quality of the movement is exponentially more important than the quantity. If you've never done it, start unweighted and work towards the barbell. . 🌈 The More You Know... Follow the Movement @travelphysio ________________________________________________ ➡️Daily posts on: #PhysicalTherapy + #Prehab + #Exercise + #Anatomy + #Injury Help. 📚 Click the Link in Bio for Course Availability #SLDL #deadlift
Is unequal leg length causing your problems? Probably not Firstly, measurement of leg length is not reliable and many factors can relate to “functional leg length” such as those shown in the video. As well, if you have a leg length discrepancy, our bodies are bad ass and resilient and it will likely accommodate through a host of mechanisms. If we look at the literature on leg length discrepancies and the associated problems, it is only in more extreme cases that leg length arises as a true problem. According to Grundy and Roberts (1984( even in many cases of a 2inch difference these can go on without the development on chronic pain in many situations. One argument of the leg length supporters is that it can lead to issues up the chain. When this was examined by Hoikka, Ylikoksi, and Tallroth (1989), there did not appear to be a link between lumbar scoliosis and leg length inequality. This does not mean that leg length is never a factor, but it is unlikely to be something of an issue for most people. This is not meant to discredit that someone who does have a leg length discrepancy has pain, but it is an argument that the leg length shouldn’t be the sole thing pointed to for it.
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