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Autumn canal walks 🍁🍂 #autumn #sunday #downtime #beautiful #nature
Plaits all escaping after a vigorous blow out of energy hacking back from the show #ponylove #downtime #justmeandyou #happyhacker #happiness
Sunday mornings never get old! #quiet #sundaymornings #downtime #reading #fitsciencemom
7 years ago....Krav Maga in Germany with @dojo_essen @amirperets @nickwood_nwma #Repost @dojo_essen ・・・ 7 Jahre ist das her, mit dem berühmten Kampfsportler Nick Wood im Königs Oberhausen. ...Amir Perets war auch dabei ;) 7 years ago, with the famous combat sportsman Nick Wood ... Amir Perets was also there;)
Walking Offas Dyke ( not the whole thing ! ) Shropshire. #sundaywalk #offasdyke #downtime #beauty
Things I’m doing to support REST & DIGEST 1. Anticipating my food. Allowing my brain to get excited about what I’m about to eat, allowing my brain to tell me I’m hungry. Most of the time we eat to fill a gap, we eat because the clock says its 1pm, we eat because we are conditioned to do so. Ever notice how you enjoy your food a little more at the weekends?? 2. Chew your food. Does your tummy have teeth?? Well I’ve found out mine doesn’t so I give it a hand, I chew my grub so my tum doesn’t have to stress about doing it…ideally I chew about 20-25 times…it takes practice but it’s worth it. 3. Take rest days from exercise (probably more than I should 😊). At a minimum we should be doing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity 5 days a weeks. So that means 2 full days of rest. Enjoy your rest guilt free and nourish your body well to help it recover from your activities and flourish for your next training session. 4. Engage in activity that really relaxes you, that switches you right of. Many of us have such busy minds and we need to train that mind to slow down. From a physiological perspective I now understand why I need to do this and I am in my infancy of putting this into practice but I am definitely reaping the rewards. We don’t have to be sitting and meditating we can go out for a walk, stop to look at the view, smell the flowers, taste the berries…see where the journey takes you! 5. The importance of breathing….when mastered properly seemingly the side effects include smiling more, worrying less and life isn’t such a bother any more. The key 🔑 to finding peace in a busy world 🌎 …I’m told, as I say still working on this one.
Time in the Sun #Familytime #Downtime
Sometimes you just need to get away, put the bike away and re-group.........well for a few days! @sendermag #readingaboutratboy #itsallabout2018 #bringonthektm #downtime
When life is busy and you're growing a #newbusiness , it's important to build in some downtime and the chance to catch up with yourself! Make your #sunday count! . . #marketingtips #branding #sundayvibes #downtime #businessowner #marketing