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A picture says more than thousands words ... what a wonderful world ... what a lovely being
🌻🌅 °°°It's always very easy for us to cover up our flaws and fears in an attempt to feels as though we have it all in tact. Sometimes It's to maintain the approval of others. Otherwise it's because of the standard that society has set. °°°Everything is fake these days anyways, videos are edited to emit false sense of perfection and generic eloquence that might be tuff for most to reach without sufficient rehearsal. °°°The contents our minds are daily programmed with via social media, television and even classroom sessions formation are strategically tailored in a way that causes us to respond in an expected manner. They now tell us who we are, what we are to become, what we are or are not capable of, they draw the line on our potential and tells us where it stops etc. °°°All I'm trying to say is that there is so little truth existing amongst humanity today that somewhere along the line we deceive ourselves about what the lie is. We have created a fake standard that is now the new standard and the new truth so the world is being filled with more and more broken people and with each passing day, heaps upon heaps, the brokenness continues. °°°The word of God says, "you shall know the truth an the truth shall set you free" and how do we actually interpret this? Which truth is it speaking of? Well most certainly the truth that exists in the words of God shall set us free but to be honest, in that context I truly believe that the truth which it speak of is the truth concerning ourselves. °°°The truth about our lives, our conditions, our flaws, our shortcomings etc. The kind of truth that leaves us undone. Undone before an able savior who can mold and make and shape and heal an fix us. Undone to know that his grace is sufficient for us and we can come to him and obtain grace and mercy and reconciliation. °°°Sometimes the Church buys into this fake standard of perfection in the name of being righteous and Holy when the truth is, the Church is a place of healing and restoration, reconciliation, truth and repentance. But how can a people who are nor broken be healed, and gone astray be restored? Bring back transparency and truth that the Church can be restored!
Selalu ada sisi baik dari setiap insan meski penampilan luarnya tidaklah menyenangkan. Kamu, saya, dan mereka memiliki porsi yang sama untuk dinilai dengan lebih baik lagi. Tuhan itu luar biasa; dan tidak ada manusia yang diciptakan-Nya dengan sederhana.👤 Don't judge people,if you don't know the whole situation🙈 #dontjudgemechallenge #remajaislami #ngehits #selebgramindo #selebgram #selebgram_man #remajakekinian #remajangehits12 #manlyindonesia #guyonankekinian #remajabaper #indohits #lucu #fotolucu #unik #faktanyagoogle #trans7 #studio #dagelan #abouttng #tangerang #fotounik #gakpapajelekyangpentingsombong #jelekbanget #guyonankekinian #guyonan #humor #hitamputihtrans7 #people #burukrupa
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