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Thanks @benbarker27 for the little push you’re absolutely correct bud! I beat my last #deathbysquats by 1 minute or 12 reps so it was a good day. Through in a little #wod that didn’t require a lot of leg because they are dead and feel like wet noodles. Burpees were not necessary but had to do them. #yyc #crossfit #putinthework #neverquit #doitforyou #therapy #sweatyselfie #fitdad #fitover40 #tryit
Embrace your flaws and change your 🌍 #XquizitelyFlawed ™️
Super pumped to share a snippet of an interview I just did (while on the road) with Toronto Life about how important it was for me to shoot down excuses to take the next steps. Tap on video for sound and let me know if you want to hear more!
I used the healthiest looking pic first...baked Brussels! Then the cheesecake, oh the cheesecake....aiming for that cheesecake booty 😂
Starting tomorrow night and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can Dance to get fit! If you loving to dance or maybe even wanna learn while getting that toned fit body you’ve been dreaming of, then this is for you! Literally, Dance your ass off!!! #dance #fitdance #livelovedance #dancer #dancemoms #dancers #danceyourassoff #dancetoabetteryou #healthylifestyle #healthybody #takecare #foryou #gymlife #fitness #fitspiration #doitforyou #instafit #instagood #atilisgym #atilisgymofeht
... Noticed this message in the #dressingroom while #shopping ... #knowledge and #wisdom can be discovered anywhere when you tune your #heart to the voice of the #holyspirit 🙏🏾 ... #doitforyou 👍🏾💪🏾👊🏾
Cannot wait to get back to @studio83insanity xfit tomorrow morning. Although think it may kill me! It’s been a week of eating and drinking way too much rubbish, xfit I know will make me feel better (temporarily terrible but worth it) 🙈 roll on 6.30! #morningworkout #xfit #studio83 #leightonbuzzard #trainhardorgohome #determination #girlswholift #girlswhotrain #gymaddict #bethebestyou #progressnotperfection #gymlife #doitforyou #youareyourcompetition #goals #nuffieldhealth #gym
Täglich eine von zehn Reflexionsfragen zum neuen Lebensjahr zu beantworten hat ja super geklappt 🙈. Jipp, nämlich gar nicht 😂😂😂. Dann wollen wir mal mit Frage 3/10 weiter machen. Habe ich 100% gegeben und bin ich meinen Werten treu geblieben? Dieses Jahr ist ein ziemlich intensives, bereicherndes und turbulentes Jahr gewesen. Ich durfte wahnsinnigen Menschen begegnen, intensive Gespräche führen, viel lernen und mehrfach über mich hinaus wachsen. #persönlichkeitsentwicklung Endlich weiß ich wer ich bin, was ich will und wohin die Reise gehen soll. #jetztdrehtsiekomplettdurch Nachdem diese wichtigen Meilensteine gesetzt waren, kann ich rückblickend klaren Gewissens sagen, JA ich habe immer die 100% gegeben die ich in diesem Moment geben konnte. #wasistmeingeschenkfürdiewelt Und was noch wichtiger ist, ich habe herausgefunden was meine wahren Werte sind, die ich wahren muss um meinen Fokus nicht aus den Augen zu verlieren. Diese gilt es jetzt noch bewusster zu wahren. Denn lässt sich ein Weg nicht mit meinen inneren Werten vereinbaren, dann kann ich guten Gewissens sagen, dass das für mich nicht der richtige sein kann. #liebeundfreiheit #werte #bauchgefühl In diesem Sinne, übergeht niemals eure Werte und macht alles was ihr macht zu 100%! ❤ #herzensangelegenheit #hundertprozentig #doit #doitforyou #power #coaching #lauramalinaseiler #maximmankevich #coach #happy #birthdaygirl #birthday2017 #twentyeight #geburtstag #reflection #reflexion #givememore #dienen #Erfolgsmaster #herzlichwillkommenimleben
Just ordered this image, by @photographybyalyssamichelle from our Philly trip, on a BIG metal for my bedroom. Metal Wall Portraits are probably one of my favorite things clients order. I just love that they are proud of their bodies and want that beautiful reminder of their own beauty, on the walls in their homes, to see every day. ❤️
My day would not be complete without saying how happy I am that I got to meet this amazing chica today! I met @champagne_socialite_ a few months ago on IG and this amazing lady is a flippin amazing runner and such a sweet personality! I’m so incredible blessed to be able to meet her! Oh by the way, she also killed today’s 15k!! I love the amazing running community that I get to be apart of ❤️
Over here wishing I had a mirror this big in my house! Yes, I was THAT girl last night taking mirror selfies and I have no shame in it✌🏼 Officially have 2/3 of my Christmas shopping done! And I am beat😅 who knew shopping could be so exhausting! Now time to kick out my first workout day with my clean week group!! So excited to see them show up to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves ONE DAY AT A TIME🙌🏼 Happy Sunday y’all #teamprogressnotperfection
After a CRAY weekend, I needed a good workout. Hit the gym this morning, and took a PUSH class. Sometimes it’s really nice for me to take a class vs. constantly teaching the class. 💪🏽. This morning I also decided to dive DEEP into what is coming next with my life. I wrote down goals that I want to meet in 2018, but I don’t really believe in “new years resolutions” because when we put labels on things they tend not to happen. I believe in GOAL SETTING, and not just for the beginning of the year, but for the rest of my life. 😎 Setting a goal gives me a purpose, and a reason to keep going, along with my amazing clients who I have to set the example for! 💃🏽 Have you decided what your next LIFE GOALS are? Have you written them down and said them out loud? 💌 COMMENT BELOW 1 goal that you have for yourself. 🌞 MINE: To discover the beauty of pure health and happiness.
A little over a year ago, I was asked to join a challenge group. This wasn't the first time I had been asked. For some reason this time I said yes! I completed the 30 days, following a super easy nutrition plan, and workout program that combined mixed martial arts, plyometrics and cardio. I fell in love! I also lost 14 pounds and more inches than I ever would have imagined. I didn't stop after the 30 days.... I kept going, and after a few months I decided on something different from the library I had available at my fingertips. I completed 4 different programs! As we got closer to summer, wanting to be comfortable in my swim suit was always in the back of my mind, and I just kept pushing play. Fast forward to August and our family vacation. It was full of hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and being outdoors a ton! MY FAMILY DIDNT HAVE TO SLOW DOWN FOR ME,  THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR ME! In fact, at times I was waiting for them. It was such a great feeling, that I started to think about Winter...and skiing....and how awesome it would be to not have them wait for me.... I know skiing in August... but I wanted to feel as strong on my skis as I did right then. No having to stop and wait for me. No not being able to walk without sore muscles the next day. I chose program that I knew would challenge me right up until ski season and started on the path to be ski season ready. This weekend I got to prove that my persistence and dedication have paid off. While I may not be as fast as my boys, they did not have to stop and wait for me.... I was right there, swishing down the slopes, no stopping. Running down the mountain from top to bottom. Long story, I know, but if you are still with me it is because something about my story is speaking to you. I am about to start on a new journey, with a new program, and I would love for you to join me!  I would.love for you to feel as empowered anf strong as I do right now!! Just drop me a 🖒below, send me a message, or comment and I will send you the details. We can do this together.
Here's a big cheer to my husband why asked me to help him to get back in shape and be fit again💪🤩. His goal is to improve his cardio to be better able to hike rugged terrains! He used to be very active (kiting, surfing, skydiving, mountain biking) but the recent years have been tough, juggling with family-life and work, and fitness goals have been on a background. But all it takes is one decision to get back on track 👍. •• •Are YOU ready to put yourself back in the game and get the results you've been after for so long? •Do you want to be part of an amazing fitness community? •Are you willing to commit to 80 days of hard work and healthy & balanced eating?? It is ON January 15th - April 14th! Can't wait! 💥🤩 •• Interested? Comment below with a 💪 or send me a msg! Serious inquiries only! #backontrack #80days #cleaneating #healthyhabits #fitnessgoals #decidenow #nohesitation #doitforyou #awesomecommunity #improveyourcardio #bettershapetohike #coachwife
That’s right! No dance experience needed! Sign up now! Only a couple spots left in our beginner class!! Don’t be afraid of something you’ve never done before. Come try out our class and do it for you! #DoItForYou #ItsOkayToBeABeginner #LetsDoThis #Community #Women #Team #Love
Ah guys! I have a photo shoot tomorrow to promote my Kickstarter for The Petite Strength Plan (coming soon!) but I’ve never done a REAL photoshoot before! Pls help ya girl out with some tips below👇🏼! . I’m really not interested in standing there and posing or flexing, because Smalletics is about health, not physique, and health can look really different on different people. Nothing against physique training, of course, it’s just not what I specialize in or what my program focuses on! . What my program DOES focus on is getting petite women physically and mentally strong. So tomorrow I’ll be using my body and doing what I can to represent petite (and all!) women as #strong. That means I’ll be sweating—no fake eye lash extensions, no hair extensions like you see all over insta—just the raw me, using my body like I do everyday. . SO NERVY + PUMPED! Wish me luck☘️. If you’d like to be notified when my kickstarter goes live, send me a message or sign up for the email list (I won’t spam!) at Smalletics.com💕
Love is medicine for your ❤️ take in small dose. If talking all at once you will remain in a state of utopia 😌. You’ve Been Warned‼️ #makeup #blackgirlmagic #glamdollstudios
I can’t even express my happiness for this moment. Seeing the expression on her face was the most priceless moment- a memory I will cherish for my life. ⠀ ⠀ I want to take this moment to say- DO YOU. I was scared for so long what the reaction would be when I introduced someone to “my wife”. ⠀ It’s not about anyone else- this is my life. ⠀ ⠀ Go to art school. Quit your job to become an entrepreneur. Marry the person you love even if it’s unconventional. Life is what YOU make it❤️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #girlgains #twentysomething #lgbt #lovefitness #girlslove #betterforit #texasgirls #athomeworkout #happyandhealthy #proposal #personalgrowth #doitforyou #pushyourlimits #thisgirlcan #caffeinated #loveislove #bridetobe #bethankful #lgbtproposal #kinesiology #gratitudejournal #newyogi #liveyourpassion #soulshine #gratefulyogi #lightandlove #soretodaystrongtomorrow⠀ #selfloveisthebestlove #studentslife
My personal trainer had me sweating off the peanut butter chip brownies I ate last night at my band gig!!! 😂 Christine's #InsanityLive Instructor routine is becoming a well-oiled machine!!! #DontSweatTheSmallSpaces #SweatySunday #CouplesWorkout
And I deserve all the love in the world. Follow for more! ( @motivationous)
OKAY I've been putting off posting this for the past like 12+ hours because HATERS and trolls 👹 sooo if you don't have anything nice to say then you can quite literally🖕off because this might help someone else(I hope it does). This is my 3 month transformation with Body Beast, the lifting program I have been doing. Overall, I lost 5 lbs, 6 inches, gained ALOT of muscle, and have toned pretty much every inch of my body (which is what I was aiming for). I am leaner, stronger, healthier, and my favorite...more CONFIDENT. I was never overweight, but this just goes to show you that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I truly hope this helps motivate some of you to start working on your full potential, because you're capable of so much more than you think. Stop sitting there saying I WISH I could and start actually DOING. I still have a few openings to join me in the test group of a brand new program launching in January with the actual trainer. NOW is your time, so if you're ready to start working on a better you, leave me a 🌻 in my inbox!
Sunday = heavy ledgy 💪🏼 I recently started doing barbell squats again after a long period of only using the smith machine, and I definitely feel it. Burns so good 🔥 . I can’t believe its only one week until Christmas!! 🎅🏼 And even less until I go back to Norway. I can’t wait to get away from the polluted air of Barcelona and back to the beautiful nature in Norway. I love it here, but living here has made me realize how much I also love nature (and breathing air that isn’t grey, so happy I didn’t move to china 😅). . . . . #iifymgirls #iifym #avatarnutrition #shelifts #strongnotskinny #strictnotrestricted #fitfam #fitwomeneat #girlgains #girlswholift #gainingweightiscool #liftallthethings #myfitnessjourney #bulk #chickswholift #workout #doitforyou #fitnessbarcelona #fitnessbcn #bcnfitness #StrengthBuilding #LiftHeavy #strongerthanyesterday #stronglife #workoutlife #backontrack #nooneisperfect #bodylove #legday #squatsnotshots
Meeeeeee to a t. Seriously. Anyone that knows me knows that my room is a disaster 99% of the time. I totally do this! I spend hours cleaning it and then refuse to let one single piece of clothing be on the floor. The next couple days go by and it’s a shit show all over again 😂😂 I’m just too busy being a badass I guess 🤷‍♀️ #messy #messyroom #fitspiration #realshit #loveyourlife #doitforyou #balance #behappy #bestself
Top 10 Benefits of Running . . •Overall Mental Health: your body releases chemicals which help you feel more happy . . •Lesson Effects of Asthma: helps strengthen lungs and bronchi . . •Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure: Your arteries expand and contract while running helping the arteries stay fit, which then helps to maintain health blood pressure . . •Strong Immune System: If your a runner, suffer less from minor illness . . •Weight Loss: you burn 705 to 865 calories per hour . . •Physical Strength: running builds lower body strength in addition to strengthening your tendons and ligaments . . •Increase Bone Density: your body sends essential minerals to bones to strengthen them when stressed. As running stresses your bones, these additional minerals help to increase your bone density over time. . . •Joint Strength and Stability: by increasing the strength of your ligaments and tendons you increase strength joint strength and reduce chances for injuries of your ankles, hips and knees. . . •Personal Control: running increase confidence . . •Reduces Effects of Diabetes: helps reduce diabetic resistance to insulin and maintain a health a healthy blood sugar level . . . #runner4life #run #runhappy #healthybenefits #cardio #fitlife #fitness #getoutside #runnjng #runner #runningmom #workout #commitment #yourchoice #results #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #loveyourself #dontquit #exercise #fit #dedication #fitness_runner #selfmotivation #heathylifestyle #doitforyou #motivationsunday #nomoreexcuses #yourjourney #yourdecision
Starting the week is like starting a hike... you never know what it'll bring you or the challenges you may overcome! What's your fav way to prepare?🍃⠀ ⠀ 📷 via @holly.mandarich
A beautiful Christmas bauble present from a wonderful practitioner. It's Christmas week...how many practices will you squeeze in? Tomorrow 9.30am & 18.30 with Sheelagh. #BYHBHOTBOX #strassen #christmasweek #doitforyou Start the Christmas countdown with us.
Here's to the first day off in 10 days. I'll be watching Christmas movies all day long if anyone needs me! Anyone have any recommendations?
Have you been teetering on the edge of the fence deciding if taking a step towards your health and fitness goals is worth it? Guess what?! I was there, that was me! Taking big leaps is not something I’m particularly found of. I am the person who has to have everything planned out, the one who needs to know what is going to happen next, the one who needs to have certainty. The unknown is terrifying for me, but I’m starting to discover that the unknown has lead me to my greatest adventures in life! Taking the step towards my dream of helping people on their health and fitness journey has truly been amazing!! 🎉January 14th is a day to mark on your calendars! My 80 Day Obsession group will be in full swing! It’s going to the biggest group of supporting like minded individuals who want to take a leap and start on the path to one of their greatest adventures! 🚨Spots are filling fast! If you want in on this once in a life time opportunity to join our group, comment below “I’m in” or send me a direct message.🚨 🐸Are you ready to take a leap on the path to your journey? . . . #maketime #onestepatatime #doitforyou #fitnessgirl #selfloveisthebestlove #stayfocused #newyearnewyou #workoutfromhome #holidaymode #blessed #toneitup #diet #fitness #inspirechange #cardiotime #loveyourbody #itsalifestyle #instafit #chaseyourdreams #girlboss #bossbabe
I bought my gym membership about a year ago. So i thought id do a little apreciation post to ME.The picture on the left is me clocking in at 266lbs... heaviest I have ever weighed, I didn't pay attention to my food intake, drank pop like I should have been drinking water and I ate like shit. The picture on the right is 218lbs, I dont always eat perfect and I am not always motivated but this is MY progress in a year and I am so happy with MYSELF. Down 48lbs and happy, but still got a long way to go. #doitforyou #workforit #mygoals #gymstuff
Little bit of a reminder that this week isn’t the be all and end all of your fitness goals, if your struggling to stay on track over Christmas just remember, Happiness is key to consistency, if you’re not happy you’re not going to want to continue (naturally). So don’t stress, try to enjoy the festivities and remember, change doesn’t happen over night, a few treats won’t make you ‘fat’ and restriction won’t make you happy. - Let’s start this week full of positivity 💛✨ - - #motivationalquotes #motivationmonday #motivation #gym #girlswholift #weightloss #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitfam #motivate #goals #doitforyou #macros #iifym #flexibledieting #weightlossjourney #fitspo #fitgirl #instafit #fitspiration #inspire #justdoit #gymlife #gymjunkie #strongnotskinny #love #gymtime #selflove
⚜️Your body is your most priceless possession, take care of I️t ⚜️ • • Senior year of college 2016- Now • Two years later and I’m still in the process of building a better version of me. Not just physically but mainly mentally I have changed. I changed my outlook on life in doing I️t for me and no one else. I️ promise you I️ didn’t wake up one morning and decide to change my habits, it’s a process. Society is all about being “skinny” and “thigh gaps” and bla bla bla. All that stuff doesn’t matter! Fuel your body with the right nutrition I️t needs and get your sweat on 👊🏻 Also ladies, weights will not make you “bulky” 🤦🏼‍♀️ • • • #treatyourgirlright #yourbodyisyourtemple #youonlyhaveone #onedayatatime #doitforyou #weightraining
👑Be a Queen with or without your Crown‼️ #makeup #blackgirlmagic
Trying to sweat myself into the Holiday spirit... Come on....if you don't have fun workout clothes, are you really even working out?? 😉🎄 #goelfyourself #totalgrinch #trying #fitinyour40s #fitmom #fitfam #fitnessinstructor #motiviation #suckitup #gymlife #workitout #sweatsesh #loveyourself #doitforyou @constantly_varied_gear