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ruff on this side of town #eyesore
Sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty surrounding you 🌴
my snapchat game is strong 💪🏻💙😂🐾
Hi everyone, thank you for all of your messages. I am okay. I had a pretty scary few days. I am still only little and I really hate loud noises. My human discovered that for the past few days there has been 3 men jumping the fence with ladders and equipment to paint a "mutual wall." They were very big, very noisy and had lots of tools. I really don't like when people that I don't know come into my home when I have no where to go, especially when I am sleeping! My humans didn't know anything about it but has promised me that it won't happen again... and said I am safe now 😰
My frustrated kitty let me know if she can't get this off once and for all that I am not allowed to use the bathroom. She refuses to move. I haven't the heart to chastise her while she recovers from surgery. Been getting away with everything. Going to be a long night.☹️
Arrow in his new favorite spot & Bo hanging out with him as usual #iphoneography