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This is her way of telling us she’s ready for us to go to bed🤣😍❤️ #shellythechi
When your vet clinic calls you at 830am to go over all of your dogs blood results bc they know how neurotic you are and won't accept "bloodwork is fine" 😄😄. Some slight variances from the normal but nothing that I'm worried about AND pancreas levels are within normal range for the first time in 6 months!!! Everything else (bc they did a geriatric screen to get a reading on EVERYTHING) was normal 🙌💃👍💓🐶🐕🐾 now to do a urine sample and then i think were good for a while #fingerscrossed #collie #shepherd #dogmom #furkids #medicalnightmare
Took Jersey for a little run this morning to see if she'll make a good running partner when Matt is busy working or being lazy (I'm not exactly thrilled at the thought of running through the woods alone 🙃). 🤡👽👻☠🕵️‍♂️👀🔪 I haven't tried running with her in years, because she used to be such an asshole on a leash, but she did really well! Had to give her leash a yank one or twice when she smelled something interesting, but other than that, she kept pace right beside me! 🏃‍♀️🐕 I didn't want to push her too much, since she's not used to running like that (plus I had already run 4.5k on a treadmill earlier this morning before back day, and my feet are SO NOT used to running yet... ouch!)... But it's a start! And she got to go for a swim in the river afterward! 💙 And now I finally have a use for all of that Lululemon running gear I've been buying over the years. 😂 🖤 🖤 🖤 #MyBodyHurts #Ouch #RunnerInTraining #Lululemon #Nike #PetsThatLift #DogMom #FurBaby #GSD #GermanShepherd #TrainingPartner #Fitness #FitFam #Instafit #FitChick #FitNerd #GirlsWhoLift #NerdsWhoLift #GirlsWithMuscle #LiftHeavy #PositiveVibes #LoveYourBody #BodyPositivity #GirlsWhoRun
#adventurebound this weekend 🌵🌲🗻🚍 tomorrow miles and i are celebrating #oneyear of love by climbing mount elden in flagstaff 👟♥️ and saturday is #sedonaday 🏜 with mom and her new dog remy! 🐕 gonna be a fun-packed weekend with much love 🤗 hope you all are getting out this weekend post-midterms! 🏕 where are your adventures taking place this weekend? 🚐💨