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Its a pug pool day!!😍❤😍❤ ☛FOLLOW US☛ @PugDepot for more cute pics and videos... ❤❤😍😍❤❤ 📷 @puggiesandme
Thankful for doggie water fountains at the park. 😉 #lovedogs #dogloversofinstagram #dog
E quando a gente come alguma coisa que não curtiu, ou não gosta de alguma coisa!!! Kkkkkk ... a gnt faz bem essa cara!! 🙀😹😝 #thor #schitzu #mybaby #mypuppy #doglovers #dogloversofinstagram 😎 meu serumaninho, meu orgulho!!!
Hey World, Charlie, from USA, is the cutest! I asked Charlie's pawrent, - What makes Charlieso special? " Charlie was found as a stray in Wise County VA, his time was up in the county shelter there and he was going to be put to sleep even though he was just about 10 weeks old. @homewardtrailsrescue brought Charlie up to save him, they didn't even have a foster home for him before he was already on his way! I appreciate their big hearts for savings dogs so much! I stepped in as a last minute foster home but Charlie won't ever be leaving, we've adopted him officially now. 😁 He's a ball of energy and at about 3 1/2 months he's weighing in at over 30lbs! He knows sit, lay down, paw, high five, and roll over. He's super smart and we're working on things like choosing calm behaviors around the cats, "middle" which means he comes and sits between my legs so I can get him leashed up easily at parks, and fetch! Every morning we get to wake up to Charlie smooches because he's so excited we're starting to wake up he can't help but expedite the process! 😂 He's only been a part of our family for 6 weeks but he was right at home the very first night. 💙💙💙” Congratulations Charlie you are the cutest Rescue Stray Dog in the world! Welcome to our Family 👪 . Thank you for sharing Charlie with us: @lil_man_charlie  #lil_man_charlie
Dutch Bros runs #puppicino☕️