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People who are belong to upper classes how much time for theirselves. They do exercise, spend time with their loved ones and have more choices for travelling. #1500stories #sociology #documentaryphotography #soc1 #economicinequality
Ulli spricht gleich seinen Text für den Teaser ein. Noch lacht er. Wer von euch war schonmal im Tonstudio??
That’s a workplace for Professor in Stanford University. There’s no dirty dishes or broken glasses. It’s safe, organised and clean. Workplaces depends on economic conditions and salaries. Everybody needs to work in safe and clean workplaces. All of them should be like this. Unfortunately, people don’t care when it’s something about working class. #1500stories #soc1 #economicinequality #documentaryphotography #sociology
Ever tried to take pictures in a supermarket....... Good luck. It took me at least 10 minutes of persuading a stubborn general manager it was not about his shop, but I was following a group of students. Only until the girls explained to him that I already stayed with them for days, I was allowed to take pictures. They thought it was hilarious because now I was the one mistrusted as normally they were. #liveforthestory #cynthiaboll #photographer #nationalgeographic #gent #nieuwenbosch #girlslife #documentaryphotography
It's Universal Children's Day. Undocumented migrants are children too. Alexander, almost two years old, son of an undocumented single mom in Amsterdam, has been homeless all his life. The family got temporary places to stay, but often landlords asked his mom to pay the rent with sex, which she never agreed. "Across Europe, undocumented children face legal and practical barriers to pursuing an education, getting the health care they need, and having a decent and stable home. As for their parents, cases of violence and abuse against children cannot be reported to the police without risking arrest or family separation. This is because police often pay more attention to a victim’s residence status than to the crime they have come to report. This places undocumented children at greater risk of experiencing or witnessing violence, as they and their families are ‘zero risk’ victims." #picum #universalchildrensday #undocumentedchildren #therightsofthechild #undocumentedmigrants #sanspapiers #withoutpapers #paperittomat #undocumentedlives #eu #documentaryphotography #portfolio
From my archive. Jim Bowen, TV celebrity and presenter of the show 'Bullseye', which mixed darts with domestic appliances, opens a new bingo hall in Newcastle in 1996. The photo was shot for a Big Issue story on the rennaisance of Bingo as a leisure activity. #bingo #jimbowen #bullseye​ #celebrity #leisure #documentaryphotography #documentary #colortransparency #colorslide
Leisure. Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club costs $3500 to join, on top of the $113/month membership fees. It is open 365 days a year, 6:00am until 10:00pm. The pool is heated year-round, and though this picture was taken near sunset, the manager informed me that the pool had been quite busy earlier this fine November afternoon. The pool cover was being placed on to prevent leaves from blowing into the pool, as no more reservations were planned for that day. Members could of course remove the cover if they desired. The club offers a pool, kiddie pool, sauna, small playground, game room, kitchen, basketball and of course racquetball courts among other services. There are a limited number of Kona Kai memberships. #1500stories #economicinequality #publicsociology #documentaryphotography #leisure #sociology #SOC1