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Day 88 – Posedarje to Zadar KMs Walked – 25 The previous night’s stay at the priest’s home was intense as we – in our broken Italian – spoke about his very strong views about Muslims. I challenged many of his fear-based beliefs and the importance of reconciliation, especially in areas torn apart by religious strife. I wasn’t sure I made a difference but I was happy to have found the words. The priest’s sister asked me to pray for her and deceased husband, whose picture she lovingly kissed before giving to me. She also asked me to pray that her young boys grow into kind, loving men. I promised to deliver all those prayers. The day’s walk was long and rainy, but I made it to my destination and found the first church. I was readily welcomed, and told that Alberto had spent the night there as well. I was delighted by the news, and happy to know that his journey was going well too. Another invitation to attend mass found me the center of attention yet again, as many well-wishers wished me well on my journey and asked me to pray for them. My list of prayers was growing long, and I felt a tremendous honor and gratitude in carrying and delivering their prayers. Photo credit https://www.europeanbestdestinations.com/croatia-travel-guide/weekend-break-in-zadar/ #hodajuci #mir #huala #sretanout #dobro #dobrojutro #hrvatska #Croatia #zadar #CaminodeSantiago #pilgrimage
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