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"Just married!"
Know you culture 🌴
Shot by @pastelyuuu 🌷
#details from Bria's photo shoot. So proud of my fellow theater major, Bria, all you do to follow your dreams is so inspiring!!!
Peek-a-boo // Throwbacks with @lilygrace_c from @chadwickmodels
I got whatchu need, boy quit playin 🍟 • • • Photographer: @hey.candace MUA: @ary_makeupartist Produced by @nicportland and @emjane_design for @suitcaselaundry 🌈
01 | Pasar Kosambi , Bandung - Indonesia
Sleepy Kas in the sun😴 #hannahcoveyphoto
Bad Barbie
Just dance the problems away
"Feels like life's passing me by"
Breaking antisocial habits
Aspiring actress
When you wear your reading glasses out cause they look fuego but you have to take them off to see anything that isn't right in your face...😐
Proud to witness
I'm talkin' fear, fear that it's wickedness or weakness Fear, whatever it is, both is distinctive Fear, what happens on Earth stays on Earth And I can't take these feelings with me So hopefully they disperse ___ 📸// @_gaganb
Supposed to snow soon, but that's ok cause it Colorado
One of my favorite shots! Model: @kmart81666
Leadership front and center
When they play Tell Me by Dru Hill 🙈 #4loversonly
Pretty safe to say today was a massive success. Amazing seeing @veronacollection at @macys via the Macy's workshop. #MacysLove
Be relentless
my happy place 🌸 miss my surfing buddy 🤘🏽
my partner in crime😈
Nakliko rak bakal luntur tresno iki marang sliramu. #oraapusapusiki #yenonosingngomentmestikancaku
It's a dark world my dudes
one of my favorites from tonight's shoot with @ana_laura_martinez 📸
Bianca shot by me🌿
Little Rowan Storm 🌩 @_miss.bumblebee_
Red || 2/? #gemphotog
Touching Heaven - @johnnyswim
I met this fool in physics class. Idk why he posing like I met him in Intro to Hollister 201. Boy stick to velocity. 116/365
It's been one of those weeks... Super busy! Didn't stop me from having a good shoot with Zoe though 💫
Hey Guys, I'm so happy to announce that @thecreatorclass in collaboration with @canoncanada want to make Photographers/creators dreams a reality this year and I'm so grateful they started with me. All you have to do is submit a project or story proposal via the link in my bio between now and May 31st, for a chance to receive funding towards your next Big project or Story. Let's keep creating! #canoncreatorlab #thecreatorclass #canoncanada #letscreate #oladimeg #sdmfeatures #sdmstyles
• a real down to mars girl 👑 •
Seriously tho this place is dope 📸 @atrillionsouls
"He tenido el pelo largo, marrón y ondulado toda mi vida. Me gustaba. Era mi naturaleza, mas siempre tuve la curiosidad de verlo diferente. De “grande” fue que me atreví a hacerlo. Mientras me encontraba viviendo fuera del país, mi pensamiento cambiaba y con él mi cuerpo. Entonces me dije: “Deddie qué mejor momento para hacerte un nuevo look. Es hora de verte y sentirte hermosa como tú quieras”. Lo recuerdo y me vuelvo a reír. No me arrepiento de nada pues ahora mi pelo y yo nos sentimos rebeldes, revueltos, divertidos, en movimiento, coloridos, coquetos, saludables y felices. Así que si deseas hacerte algún cambio para sentirte más cómodx y feliz contigo, atrévete y hazlo. Solo debes ser tú. ;)"
✨💄 @michaela_c_reid channeling some serious Brigitte Bardot vibes 💋✨ #outtake
It's called a "Tilt." "I don't know if I can do it right," she said, "but I'll give it a try." I believe Sophie got it right!  This is by far one of my favorite images from this shoot.  This is one shot...no repeats...photographer and dancer were just in sync.  I love her expression, a her attitude, her confidence.  Thank you Sophie @thesophieknight.  You're so amazing!  The world is yours for the taking. This image: Sophie @thesophieknight Photographer:  Your truly @kavan.lake.photo Assistant: Anna @annashefia #incredible #amazing #talented #ballet #dancer #wow #one #shot #moment #of #magic #beautiful #strong #disciplined #fearless #young #lady #dance #portrait #portraitpage #discoverportraits #theportraitpr0ject #igpodium_portraits #aovportraits #bravogreatphoto
Stars & Convertibles Model: @samantha_allyson_ Music: @jaiwolfx - Starlight
These are too fresh
Not sure how we found that one spot of sunlight
But what if...