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Sunset Scenes in Portstewart... Spontaneous Sunday Evening Road Trip to Portstewart with @cherith95 #gf #sunset #beach #portstewart #ocean #roadtrip #chill #discovernorthernireland
A smashing start to our staycation. Our aim this week is to explore some hidden gems near us. First up was Kilclief Beach outside Strangford. It is absolutely beautiful. We had to drag the kids away from the rock pools at home time. #discovernorthernireland #lecaleway #ardspeninsula #strangfordlough #childhoodunplugged #wildandfreechildren
"Bend don't break" _____________________________________________ I'm literally over the moon to have made the top 10 of the @yovadalife 200h YTT competition🙈 - I am looking forward to posting the 3 main reason why I would like to be a yoga teacher this week. Then @yovadalife will choose one of my posts along with one from each of the 10 finalist and post it on there account on Mondays the 31st of July. - The MOST LIKED photo is the winner, so I'll need all the help I can get🙈🙏🏻 (I'm up against some very good yogi's😳) ____________________________________________ First: "Bend, don't break" - As clique as it sounds. Yoga has thought me how to bend and not break. It's thought me how to manage my stress and anxiety. I've learned to know when I need to take time out for myself and how important it is to switch off for a fews minutes a day to breathe properly. It's thought me the importance of being able to to bend but not break. This is probably my best attempt at wheel pose so far🙌🏼 it still needs a bit of work but I never imagined I would have been able to bend so much when I started yoga. I was asked the other day how I find the motivation to do yoga everyday. Going to bed Friday after missing yoga, I was stressed and tense, it was a busy day where I didn't have a chance to stop. I guess sometimes life just gets in the way. Not wanting to spend another day feeling like I did on Friday is my motivation to get up and do it. Even if it's not a full yoga core session everyday, it's just a matter of giving myself that time to sit on the mat, to release any tension and negativity from the day. - In the past I let myself get so stressed that I've ended up making myself sick. I've got to the point where I don't want to let that happen any more. I'm still working on all of the above it's not something that happens over night. It a process, one of allowing yourself to bend but not get to that breaking point. I would love to do yoga teacher training so I could learn how to teach and help other people to do the same. ______________________________________________ Special credit to @maguic5 for this amazing photo and for all his help and inspiration in the last few months❤️
Wee sailing trip to Rams Island, Lough Neagh #sailing #explore #island #loughneagh #discovernorthernireland #northernireland