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So the last episode of NTR aired today and I just wanna say oml this show was rly fkin weird. Part of why I thought it was strange was because Im from the West, where having a gay relationship is not seen as something foreign or impossible. So what im talkin about is Fujiwara goin like, "Two girls can't be in a relationship," and then the girls thinkin, "Damn he is right, there is no way that we could be together even though THE OTHER GIRL HAS TRIED TO FK RECENTLY" That rly fkin triggered me cuz im thinkin, "You guys do know gay people exist and have relationships with each other... right?" But then again this is staged in Japan and im not sure if homophobia is internalized in their culture so idfk if this is the ignorance of the characters in the terms of social norms or the error of the social norms in Japan. If its the latter then this rant is for nothing so i guess ill go fk myself. πŸ˜žπŸ”« Side Note: The anime was bad regardless though. No one would believe that playing with your friends vagina is something that you do for practice. And the fact that she let it happen means she wants to fuck you too. So they should have started dating at that point (somewhere in the middle of the series idgaf about this anime to do any research). Either way it was retardedly obvious that both of them wanted to bone the other and I really don't understand how neither of them realized their partners feelings until the last episode. Hopefully the manga is better. At least it was somewhat fappable in the yuri scenes. 🀷 Anime: Netsuzou TRaP (NTR) #netsuzoutrap #ntr #yuri #lesbian #ecchii #denial #badexecution #rant #anime #animes #astolfolewdz
Miniature daddy.... #notfair
Today I met #barbara πŸƒβ€β™€οΈand her lil sis. I literally got bullied by them. 😭Barbara look simple and plain but dang I underestimated her never judge its book πŸ“š by its cover seriously is hard #af. Now I get it when ppl complaint tat they puke 🀒 when working out wit empty stomach yeah I was very close to tat especially during sit ups. Around round 4 the song by green day 'wake me up when September ends' keep replaying in my head till the very last round trying to be in #denial mood. Barbara I hope to see u #not to soon. #goodbye πŸ‘‹ #crossfit #barbarawhysoserious #notnicetomeetyou #fitness #iwantfood
Philosophical question. IS IT GOON if: 1) it's of generally reputable name 2) it still costs 40 dollars coz you're in a country where the government sells all alcohol out of a tightly controlled monopoly called Systembolaget (literally "The System Company" 😢) 3) the lovely people of Sweden will believe and applaud that you’re doing it for environmental reasons. 4) the box has a picture of a REAL bottle on it, so it must be good πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” #Goon #Dignity (or) #Denial
The only way I get to see her now πŸ˜žπŸ’” #sad #denial #coping #sister #grief
#close #recovery #group #facebookgroup " #no #more #denial #isle #nuffsaid " #come #join #we #are #now 206 members. We could use some help to try and help others! Please give them a big shout out? This disease kills and takes no prisoners ! These groups work when someone can't get to a meeting. It may save a life. #link #topost https://www.facebook.com/groups/637635943052654/permalink/897013057114940/
[Untitled] Does the heart fold over fondly Or does the light wisp away Does the branch prefer living risk Or was it decided by another's wish Tick tick tick Over the ply checker hill Wish wish wish This heart won't stand still Forget if you wish But yet don't bet That the picker flicks the tick And the moral truth weighs in This isn't the saint He yet hides behind tar disguised as wool But denial can only do just Until the stickiness suffocates the skin
#oscarwilde 's #theselfishgiant is one of the few #fairytales with an #ecological subtext alongside a very Christian tale of #sin and #redemption . We are living in a moment of a #perfectstorm of #hurricanes , #earthquakes , and a #unitedstates #president in #denial of the #anthropocene #extinction which we are facing . There is an #expression in #psychoanalysis : "Denial ain't just a river". It's more like a #flood heading our way. #thecasehistories