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Totally wiped. -Had to go check the yard for weird noises at 3am. (Which Happy may have made up) -Got hot cuddling next to mommy around 4am so had to whine and kick to get her to move. -And at 5.45 had to go to the bathroom...so mommy just took us to the beach again. -Had zoomies at the beach, fun! -Breakfast and now must nap like until the afternoon at least...totally wiped.
When the rain ☔️ ruins your plans 🙁
Smoking my cigar like a lady 😂🐶🙄
Mom's not digging my fresh new cut. 🐶🐾
Great photo from @itsjellyjam
23/36 Game of Bones: There was always something a bit nutty about Lady MARGAERY TYRELL. #QueenForAMinute played by Jill @This_Girl_Is_A_Squirrel . . (no spoilers please... for people catching up on GOT)
੯ू•ू ໒꒱ . 週末のSUP わたしが1番楽しそう🤣🤣 また行きたいな〜 一緒に遊んでくれる人 募集中✨ . #SUP #SUP犬 #supwithdogs