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Pre-Eclipse Vibes ✨🌑✨ 1982-2017, 34 years of suffering from the sins of the patriarchy - suffering from the hands of men - silenced by the minds of the women they have squandered. I spent most of my days wishing for release, but my own hand was never brave enough to take me fully to the other side. When men have tried to kill me, I woke again and again with blood on the sheets and tears in my eyes. They all walk free while I meditate on six hundred and sixty-six different ways to kill in self-defense. Yeah, I'd rather think about ponies and sunshine too, but this is not your daytime drama, you won't see this shit on the news. Most people don't like when I share my truth, but I no longer care about your comfort when trying to find mine. Most things I have hoped and prayed for have never happened and now I feel as though God is just another lie. The collection plate at church gets filled every Sunday, but for the rest of us, reparations fail to appear. We put on lipstick and go to work, a "smile" from ear to ear. Where I come from, all your sins can be paid off in a little booth with a screen. But nobody helps the little girls at night when the neighbors hear them scream. As long as there is money to be made from human suffering, trafficking will continue to be the #1 biz, cash money, tax free. We are simply disposable income to the monsters at the top, they send our babies off to war, straight to the chopping block. By flesh or by pen, I have been raped, again and again, but those with guilty conscience just go wash away their sins. I am every aching woman, crying child and hopeless man. Just waiting on a Sunday for the new world to begin. 🙏🏼 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #eclipse #deadspace #rebirth #waiting #suffering #death #mysogyny #ptsd #survivor #suicidesurvivor #sundayprayers #confessional #rapeismurder #atomicblonde #feministorfuckouttamyface #killthefuckingpatriarchy #protectwomen #protectchildren #endhumantrafficking #endrape #closetheconcreterooms
Смерть это только начало... #diy #death
#Hollywood Reacts to #JerryLewis' #Death - @TheHollywoodReporter https://apple.news/Aj9gt0Y8WRNmocVMBgRbtsw
One of my favorites. Shit gets to me man..Any John Green fans out there ???