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you know how the softest blanket feels fresh out of the dryer wrapped around your cold toes as you sip on your favourite hot tea as giant snowflakes gently float past the window as if the clouds were shedding enchanting bits of themselves to gently hug the earth, tucking it in for a long slumber and a sigh escapes your lips as you sink into your favourite reading chair with absolutely not a care in the world? That's how this movie and this song exclusively but especially together make me feel. ❤️ #nevertheless365 #day134
Sometimes u need to cross small bridge for happiness.. Edited this pic in snapseed and no Instagram filter applied. #project365 #day134 #natgeo #marvelshots #natgeotravel #himalaya #ladakh #landscapephotography #nidhishladakhdiary #nidhishphotography
This is one of my favorite scenes before full blown winter. Elevation change with snow in the higher hills and mountains. ❤️. . #streakingwithcarly #day134
#Day134 16/09/17 Lovely shopping spree kind of weather 👌