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Hiya — I’m so excited about this post! What an experience. It’s a cool story and I give you 10 tips on what I learned from this encounter... Chivalry is not dead! There are still a lot of Gentleman out here! I had a lunch meeting recently with a very affluent Gentleman! _________ This Gentleman was tall with a light brown sugar skin complexion, piercing dark brown eyes and a beard to die for! ______ His gear was impeccable which was the first thing I noticed, then it was the incredible aroma of his cologne which was Bvlgari. ________ After lunch, I was excited that I secured a client but a little disappointed that our lunch meeting consisted of nothing but industry (real estate, developing/investing, imports & exports) talk! _________ There was a lot of uncomfortable silence and no laughter! I'm not quite sure why I was disappointed. I'm not ready for a relationship or anything casual. _________ Click the link in the bio to read the whole post - It's really good.
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Yummy Saturday lunch. Happy Saturday lovelies. Joanne xo
#Repost @dojoseven ・・・ I see it everyday and it breaks my heart man. Keep liking, commenting, and reposting this stuff bashing the opposite sex and talking about what you don't have time for. You 30+ and still don't get it. • This thing is about appreciating each other while we work on OUR OWN flaws and supporting each other while they work on theirs. You can't constantly feed your mind and spirit all this stuff about how the opposite sex ain't this or a real man/woman is that and then think you gone flip a switch and be right when a good match comes along. • But... y'all not gone hear me. You gone keep reposting the poison and you and your friends gone be 50 pretending you love your lonely lives and teaching your kids to perpetuate the cycle. •
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It's when you're exhausted that you really see who your heart really wants. Here is the thing (at least for me)...When I'm exhausted, I'm looking to be refilled. I need substance. There are some things your heart needs in times of drought. Yes, he may make you smile and giggle but what about when you're drained and you need more than a foot rub and cute convo. Listen, I need some real encouragement. I don't need some corny, off of Instagram, type stuff. I need you to speak to my Spirit & my soul. ------------------------------------------------------------------ If he can only speak to your flesh, he won't be able to support you when you're drained. When you're drained, you need more than flesh. You need something deeper than what a man's hands can do for you. You need something deeper than what any flesh can do. You need LIFE. Can he speak life to your spirit? I've been on the phone with men for hours and even though the convo was great, I knew that they would never be able to support me spiritually. Faith is the SUBSTANCE.... (Hebrews 11:1) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear King, speak to my Spirit because my flesh is drained. When he whispers in your ear, may it be words that will quicken you to come alive when you don't want to take another step.
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