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#Pixiecut and #Darkhair was my thing some years ago.....all time favorite cut..... Hmmm #SnipSnip again?✂✂✂✂✂✂
Back to the dark side 🖤 I've missed you so much. Cut and color by @hair_by_danitess #love #darkhair #darkside #fallhair
// As Ghanaians, often times the support we give each other leaves a lot to be desired. Usually until other people begin to support our brothers and sisters before we jump on the band wagon. My challenge to you this weekend is to support as many of your people as you can. A comment or a like can go a long way. As for me I’m still celebrating @beanieboamah for amazing work she’s doing with Shea butter makers behind @hanahana_beauty 🤗🤗 In Ghana we say “more grease to your elbow 💪🏾”. Whatever that means