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GrapeFruit🍇🍊 6* #HashRosin by @hashhouse_ I’ve really been enjoying this delicious #GrapeFruit hash rosin, clean bright berry citrus terps. It maintained a nice sappy consistency, doesn’t sugar up quickly which is great👌🐼💨 Really want to try some other terppy flavors🍏🍐🍍🍋🍒🍑🍉🍌 #laodpanda #playingwithfire #hash #rosin #6star #7star #icehash #dabs #dabstagram
Dipping into some Zkittlez live resin from @humboldtsfinestrawanduncut. If you've followed my feed for a while, then you know I've been on the hunt for a batch of Zkittlez flower or concentrate that lives up to all the amazing hype I've read about the strain, in particular how it tastes like a fruity rainbow explosion in your mouth. I've yet to come across any Zkittlez that's fruity or even remotely flavorful at all. Let's hope that changes now. #rainbowchasing
Been getting some decent fume and a little texture on my spiral cap spoons
Rolling a long one to ease the day! 👌
Happy Tuesday Insta-Fam! Enjoy my fail 😂 I have the absolute UGLIEST coughing face, but holy shit it made me laugh way too hard. Don’t take life so seriously, and embrace what makes you feel insecure. Here’s to all the ugly coughers out there 😂 Gotta cough to get off 😜
😰😰 damn hold on girl shit not my fault you were throwing that Succubus throat around just right 😧 lemme grab a Gatorade then suck this mf'er back to full strength and I'll lay it on you damn, I don't need no attitude, I busted in 4 mins because you have no regard for your own health and safety and I'm the bad guy for smacking you in the back of the head as I nutted while the Tanzanian devil down throated my whole shaft and spit on it just right?!? 😒 #fuckery #fuckeriesfinest #captainpetty #Iaintshit #ogsorbetter #strictlyogs #laxlife #squadshit #smallcrewselectfew #dankonomics #dankshots
"B its getting close to the holidays you gonna tune it down some on that freak shit?" 😑😑 fuck no I ain't 😂😂 y'all gotta deal with ya lame families so the least I can do is make y'all laugh 💪 #fuckery #fuckeriesfinest #captainpetty #Iaintshit #ogsorbetter #strictlyogs #laxlife #squadshit #smallcrewselectfew #dankonomics #dankshots