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I felt girly & weird being in pink & a different makeup than I'm used to😓 I didn't feel so confident so I only have this pic 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh wells i tried something new &looked like shit 😂
I'm wearing a shirt today that I hope is work appropriate
I did a thing! \\\ I'm not that good at digital art but I kind of like this. Btw this is not meant to be sexual \\\ {tags:} #danandphil #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #aesthetic #art #digitalart
I want there friendship :') —— ✏Sorry for not posting, life is just confusing right now, but I'm working on two edits right now so look forward to that! ✒Also I finished a sexual collab edit part a long time ago (soz Andre for never telling you) ✏A lot of mutuals unfollowed me so lowkey sad about that buuut it's expected when one changes there page :') ✒To the ones who have stayed, I love and appreciate you 💕
She is breathtaking,,,?
ugly first attempt at a pastel chibi phil 🤧 definitely not gonna be doing anything else with this trash. I'm gonna stick to my own style and not be trendy 😂 . . . #amazingphil #phillester #philiplester #danisnotonfire #danhowell #danielhowell #danandphil #phan #phanart #art #myart #traditionalart