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To take part in it: - follow me ( @recolorgrandes ) - post this pic 3 times saying that @recolorgrandes is having a shoutout hour - like the three pics before✨ - comment '🌈' - wait for your turn🌙 - be honest or I'm blocking🌹 . . . Turn notifications on for more possibility to be chosen 🙃💕
Ariana is really body goals wow😍🌸
tonight on @carpoolkaraoke @applemusic @macfarlaneseth and serve you some show tunes 🍴🌱 we shot this almost a year ago so this is very exciting. hope you enjoy! p.s. s/o to audrey ll in the back • @arianagrande @dangerouswomantour • • #arianagrande #ariana #arianator #arianaedit #arianafans #ariananator #carpoolkaraoke #karaoke #appelmusic #dangerouswomantour #dangerosuwoman #dangerouswomanalbum #ari #arianasarmy #facts
Has anyone tried these ? I think they are so good 🌸💗
Ariana Grande's #CarpoolKaraoke episode is out tonight exclusively on @AppleMusic 🔥
This is so funny and when Andy and ariana shit themselves 😂 #arianagrande #dangerouswomantour #dwt @arianagrande
Me when theres tea 😌🍥
Ari from my M&G picture💛she was just the sweetest!! She looks a bit tired since she told us she hadn't been able to switch onto european timezone yet, but that didn't stop her from pulling off an incredible show!! Love you so much @arianagrande 💛💛 Btw is it just me or does she smile just like she did as Cat Valentine?✨