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When you realize it's only Wednesday ... #areyousure
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. Paws. Sommin. πŸ˜—
Here's one for #throwbackthursday 😜One year ago after one of my first off leash trips to Waiatarua Park. Look at short my little legs were 😝
With autumn around the corner, its time to stop hitting the gym and start hitting the books! πŸ“šπŸ““πŸ–πŸ“ #backtoschool #teacherspet
Hi friends! I just found out my playmate aka mom has to go to work tonight. Who wants to come over and play with me? . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't miss out on these pawsome deals! 10% off @Barkatthemoondogtreats - BARKIN10 10% off @gstopybowtie - GOOBER 15% off @woof_and_wild - GIBSON15 15% off @pawsandplaypetshop - GIBSON 10% off @gunnergear - GOOBER10 10% off @luckoftuck - gibsonssluck 20% off @kamen.pet.portraits - GOOBER20 $10.00 off @thedapperdogbox - Gibson Check out our friends @fromdusktilldog for online dog training
We can send a man to the moon but the doc still checks my temperature by sticking a stick up my butt πŸ™„ #vetcheckup #healthyasahorse #sausageinthesuburbs
Had to stop and pose with the Sunflowers we found on our walk. Right now, there are tons of them growing right next to our city hall building. Small towns can be super unique sometimes. 🌻
#tbt As soon as I was big enough to get up in the sofa.. I noticed hoomans start playing if you steal that black remote thing! πŸ˜€β˜οΈ
Treats are friends, not food 🍏
Now, I want you to try and just think of someone cuter than me. I betcha can't think of anyone πŸ™Š #tbt
Oh... hi... did you know my pillow was filled with this fluffy stuff?
You look better from this angle πŸ™ƒ #wackadoodlewednesday #batdog