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So I work out almost daily but here is something you might now know….. I have NO MOTIVATION to do it! I actually will find about 💯 million things to do instead of working out. 💪🏼 I thought I disliked 🤮laundry more but not when it comes to actually working out. But after it is finished I am so energized. 🤗 Ok so here is the killer secret…. my fit sisters and I have started doing LIVE🖥 work outs together at a set time everyday and you know what I have found the motivation. It is an appointment I can’t miss, it pushes me harder because they are pushing and I don’t want to be left out lol. It’s like a secret society! I’m hosting a TOTALLY FREE live workout 🤙🏼Friday morning to help any friend who wants to build abs from home, and doesn’t want to wait until the new year to feel smoking hot in her own skin. Hit me up if you want to join us VIRTUALLY from wherever you’re spending your Thanksgiving weekend 📬🏋🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️