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My humans and I have just fallen in love with the Lake District 😍 Amazing hikes, dramatic scenes and friendly people...what more could we want?!
Cruising down the freeway in my 64 #thuglife 😎😎
my good side or my better side? take your pick 😉
Neighborhood watch: It's not an easy job, but somebody has to do it. From behind locked doors in the comfort of their own home with no intention of actually helping anyone under any circumstances, of course.
It's never too late to work on my summer beach bod 🐼🐾😎💪
If we look this cute maybe mummy will let us stay on the bed 🐶❤️
When you're in REM sleep but you get woken up to the sweet juicy smell of steak 😂 #frenchievids #pressplay #dogvideo #bullylifetv