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We finally made it back to dog training last night. Kaos is really there to try and work on his anti dog attitude lol! He did really well. It was a great opportunity for us to work on the 'watch' command while we waited our turn and dogs were going past us. Whisper is the interesting one here. I never used to take her while Kaos was little as she was, and still is, protective of him. But as she relaxed her guard of him a little and she made clear in her doggy way she wanted to cone with us I started to take her. She does love coming but it does unsettle her. She's in an enclosed space with lots of humans and dogs she does not know. So this 98% (no dog is 100%) dog friendly dog is unpredictable here. Normally I would have no problem with other dogs approaching her. Here I'm cautious. Tho to be fair to her unlike Kaos all she does is growl to say go away. But even at dog training people fail to see that as a dog communicating... She also barks at people trying to talk to me - there's no aggression in the sound or distress she seems to be saying "I'm here and I don't know you ...." She does occasionally do this when we're out and about. Barking is not always aggressive but people always seem to view it as such even in a dog training class. No. It's communication. But sadly I think the others now view her as not dog friendly. No she's just very unsure, feels vulnerable, wants to protect Kaos and I and there is a part of her that would like to interact with the other dogs on her terms and play. Until she gets used to being with dogs in this environment she will very much be on guard. When she is waiting her turn while I take Kaos through exercises she barks or cries until we get back to her. She'll then groom Kaos. When she's doing her exercises no noise from her at all. She'll either focus or look to cause mischief! She will groom Kaos when we get back to him. She is getting better tho. Strange dog. She does love the classes tho, that it also clear in some of her other behaviours. Kaos loves it too. #bordercollie #dogtraining #akitacollie #akitamix #barkingiscommunication #guarddog #barkingistalking #ineedspace #cutedogs #lovemydogs
Just doing some quality control checks of my HooUnc @musclefooduk order....I’ve told him the @heckfooduk sausages are for dogs only... 🐶🐶🤣🤣 #meat #musclefood
A fresh, dirty sock. Why would I resist?
Pondering about the meaning of life 💭 #cutedogs #ilovemydogs #dogstagram #instadog #chihuahua #chimix #dog