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I love this man so much 😍😍 #cutebunny 🐰
''We're very tired after our fun time in the garden! Sleepy time now'' 🐰🐰 #bunniesofinstagram #bunny #bunnies #rabbitsofinstagram #cutebunny #cutebunnies #happybunnies
do not disturb 🚫
Staring at the blue skies with my sky blue eyes...💙 (taking a break from digging, can you believe it?) #blueeyedgirl #moneyshot #digging #sundayvibes
My sweet plump little man is a bit hard to lift these days 😂🙈❤️💕 But he is the absolute wonderfulest bun... yesterday we left Tootles in his pen romping on the lawn when we went for an evening walk. When we got home darkness was falling and Toots pen was empty; my heart completely sank in worry. I rushed to check his favorite spots around the yard when I heard my Kirk laugh. When I found him he was with Toots who had very nicely walked across the yard and through the driveway and garden to where his hutch was, gone in and put himself to bed in the soft hay since we were late from our walk and he was tired of waiting! ❤️