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After a long week in Cairns Byron has arrived home to the farm. Byron and the team from Australian Bat Clinic (ABC) managed to bring 95 orphan Spectagled Flying Fox pups back to The Australian Bat Clinic for rehabilitation. The little babies will spend several months in the care of ABC before they are returned to Far North Queensland for release. Apart from the initial triage they recieved, the team made a pit stop to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to get some much needed treatment. The first pic pretty much explains itself. The second pic demonstrates how they are put to bed after their bottle, the specially made swaddles mimmick the feeling of being secured under mums wing and the final pic shows just how cute they are whilst drinking their milk. Such an awesome effort by everyone involved. Such a hard and traumatic week for them all........but well done.
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A pile of perfect fuzzy bums โ™ก Check out these cuties before they grow up too fast! #newborn #newbornbabies #newbornkittens #newbornkitten #babyanimals #cutebabyanimals #cutebabypets #pets #petsofinstagram #kittens #cat #catsofinstagram #catsofig #petsofig
Cool day this is, the 23rd of November... Why? You may ask... because tisโ€™ the day that Taylor Alexander Gardner @rowdytaggie was born for goodness sake! Cool as a cuq, dope af, loyal to the t-bone diddy - made of super strong particles this girl is indeed @a_tinge_of_ginge ๐Ÿ˜˜. Happy Birthday to you my beautiful Big Sister- my Viv, shlinkster, and Shallister SHAL supreme- my built-in bestie foโ€™ life. I feel so lucky that I have you. Childhood with you was obviously a legendary, charmed & lit affair. And growing into women together (adults?!), by each others side, while hard and weird and losing Dad; well, while it might not now be as consistently sunny, you make the grey storminess of life palatable. I love you so much Tay. You are my touchstone and soulmate. All cheese aside, I fucking love getting to know you more and more in our little evolutions thru time together. You make me happy. #cutebabyanimals #lifepartner #sispartner #tayvannah #caligardnernatives
This work-in-progress is for friend and fellow artist @matthintzart He's tremendously talented and hardworking and makes me feel like a total slacker. Check out his work and give him a follow! You won't be disappointed. #sugarglider #wip #babysugarglider #grateful #cutebabyanimals #sofluffy
Happy Thanksgiving! The piggies are celebrating with a mud bath! โค๏ธ๐Ÿฝโ˜บ๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฝ SoCalMiniPigs.com- Premier pet mini pigs in California . . . . #oink #piggy #piglet #pig #thanksgiving #animalsofinstagram #pigsofinstagram #petpig #pigsaspets #cutenessoverload #peppapig #pua #moana #sing #minipig #teacuppig #micropig #black #adorable #cutebabyanimals