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Вечер пятницы может быть каким угодно. У меня он именно такой. З.Ы. Фото без всяких инстаграммовских фильтров и обработок. #friday #currentmood #lifeisgood
There is something about a burned house that not only brings to mind death and loss, but also madness and mental disorders. Everything is visually flattened out, there is no longer any depth in the blackened cavity. Everything has been thrown about and is in disarray, the water cannons blasting the house apart. And yet it's all perfectly still, a place where nothing happens. A #grim discovery a couple of weeks ago: a burned out station house from the 19th century. See earlier posts for more info. #abandoned #destroyed #fire #abandonedplaces #currentmood #urbex #urbanexploration #urbexworld
A second to the series of "Men at Work". I love asking construction guys if I can take their photo. I'm always greeted with a smile and sweetness🤗