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I just drove past a dog that got hit on the highway :(
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Qotd: if you could only read three books for the rest of your life, what books would you choose? Aotd: City Of The Fallen Sky and The Trinity Awakening by @josephcevans & Stephen King’s It :) Comment your answer!
one month. wow abby. i never knew a person could stand me for that long. kidding i love you so fucking much. you’ve made me so fucking happy. and i’m just so glad i’m with you. i know i’m so much work but wow i love you so much. holy fuck you’re the cutest person ever wow you’re so sweet and adorable and just fucking precious my heart. WHEN YOU GET MAD AT ME I LITERALLY CRY AND I ANNOY YOU AND IM SO SORRY MY HEART GETS BROKEN BUT I KNOW YOU LOVE ME AND CARE ABOUT ME. today is very important and this is gonna be long so get ur popcorn everyone !! abby wow you’re so important to me. we started dating this day of last month , 9/20/17 , and i remember how awkward i was when we first called on the phone IM SORRY SKSBKS. and i remember the first time i called u baby on the phone like wow memories. i can’t even explain how in love with you i am. you’re so fucking beautiful and fucking cute and YOURE FUCKING MINE WOW . yes i cry and whine and die inside all the time but i LOVE HOW YOU ARE ALWAYS MAKING SURE IM OKAY LIKE YOURE SO CUTE. and if im ever rude to you then im actually fucking killing myself who the fuck would be rude to a fucking beautiful cute angel like you i love you so much oHMYGOD IM SO IN LOVE. also i love your personality and your sense of humor YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH ITS SO CUTE MY HEART. internet relationships don’t really work for people but it’s working well for me aYYY. okay so i love you abby and this is just me repeating how beautiful and gorgeous and fucking amazing you are because it’s the truth. and every time you get sad it makes me feel so bad because i love you and i adore you and you make me happy and i’m sorry if i don’t make you happy I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY WOW. okay so this paragraph is very long but cmon it’s our one month and i’m so happy i’m with you and i wanna meet yoU WOW I WANNA MEET YOU AND HUG YOU AND LOVE U YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE AND YOURE ALL MINE DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE ILL KILL MYSELF IF YOU DO. y’all abby makes me so happy my heart is so full shes my girl she’s mine she’s all mine she’s so cute i love her so much OKAY THIS IS PROBABLY ANNOYING BUT IM DONE HERE I LOVE YOU ABBY DONT LEAVE ME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️
Awe Mel’s so cute💕💕
i’m so happy aaaaa
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