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's Post ‱Show : Pre FWE Live Event √Brand : SDL & RAW √Date : August 20, 2017 √Location : Chicago, Illinois ~ *Axel appear on the Ring with a set of Table,two Chair,Pen,and Match Contract* . #Axel : Alright! As we know at backstage that Charlotte and maryse had some argument. So, Join me..please welcome, CHARLOTTE! *Charlotte's theme hits as she come out to the ring and shout WOO!* . #Axel : Now please welcome..her opponent on live event, Maryse! . *Maryse's theme hits as she come out to the ring with elegant move while Charlotte shows his jealous face to maryse* . #Axel : okay. This match will be 20 minutes ironman match which each one of you will gain point after successful pin. Who ever gets 10 points,you won. Now sign the contract . *after both women signed the contract and had some argument,maryse say couple embarrassed word to charlotte, Charlotte started brawl with maryse* . #Axel : Security! . *FWE Official Security tried to separated both maryse and Charlotte but both women take out security and starts brawl again as FWE Official Security and FWE Womens division successful separated them . #Crowd : This is awesome #Crowd : Holy Shit #Crowd : This is awesome #Crowd : Holy Shit ~
@vfestival Day 1 was liveeeee... loved seeing @jamesarthurinsta23 @jonasblue @jessglynne @thevamps @annemarieiam @duttypaul @rudimentaluk @craigdavid and @pink 😍😍😍
Buona domenica dalla Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte (AG) Foto di @cuoan - #whitewalls #scaladeiturchi #sicily #siciliabedda #crowd #formichine #ferragosto #sea
Today is the day when the mud arrives at Green Man. Look out feet...