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A nitro piña colada beer... brewers certainly getting creative these days and I’m loving it . . . . . #downtownroswell #doyoulikepinacoladas #gabeer #atlbeer #variantbrewing
What's cuter than a little Rudolph Reindeer? A baby Rudolph calf! He's only little and he's looking for a forever home 📷 by @maker.studio
I'm truly sorry for being so slow on the page and quiet recently however three weeks ago today my Grandma, the woman who raised me and has been there for my entire life passed away and it's taken it's toll to say the least but I am back now and with a giveaway with a twist because it's time to do some good from something awful <3 www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pixiecraftcancerresearch Pixiecraft is back with a new raffle, this time for Cancer Research UK there will be 3 prizes up for grabs all you need to do is make a donation of at least £2 the more you donate the more entries you get! The winners will be chosen on Wednesday 29th November PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR DONATION OR MESSAGE PIXIECRAFT SO I CAN CONTACT YOU Prizes are: -1 custom made and designed 5 inch hoop (design will be arranged with the winner) -1 custom made and designed 3 inch hoop -1 custom made pocket calmer (or pocket profanity if you prefer something from The Profanity pixie) Now this fundraiser is not about my grandma's death, or my personal loss because nothing can change those things and quite frankly she would hate that much fuss! This is the woman who repeatedly asked to buried in a bin bag in the back garden. It is about an illness that wreaks havoc in lives, puts enormous strain on everyone it affects and ultimately takes the lives of some really, truly good people. We have a huge following here at Pixiecraft and as we have done before we an put that to good use #cancerresearch #cancersucks #kickcancersbutt #makerslife #makersgonnamake #handmadealltheway #modernembroidery #makersmovement #craftspire #crsftsposure
Dainty Sterling Silver earring with genuine crystal. From £9 + P&P #somethingblue #earrings #bridesmaids #weddingjewelry #handmadejewellery #etsyshop #craftbuzz #instajewelry #instafashion #
Lovely squares. _____ Artist: @kaitkecil _____ Follow us and tag love_for_art_gallery to be featured!
“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity” 🖤 Brushed up on my #watercolor skills while working on a larger #acrylic #painting last night. Weekends feel so good - it’s such a good feeling to know that the work week coming up is a short one, with lots of downtime to play with paint and brushes. _____ Несмотря на то, что выходные проходят, я рада что следующая неделя будет короткой (так как 24-го День Благодарения) и у меня будет много свободного времени рисовать и заниматься тем, чем я люблю. ____ #flashesofdelight #carveouttimeforart #wemakecollective #love #paintingsforsale #artstudio #thehappynow #pursuepretty #darlingmovement #petitejoys #smploves #seekthesimplicity @risingtidesociety @honeybook #Buyhandmade #feelingfolksy #folksy #crafthour #craftbuzz #shopindependent #makersgonnamake #louisvuitton #LV #fashion #thebagmemo #cutebaby #стиль #дизайн #мода
. خوشبختی یعنی یه دوست باحال و دست و دلباز داشته باشی که خونه ش وسط بهشت باشه. کلی تجهیزات نجاری داشته باشه و همه رو در اختیارت بذاره. تازه این دوستت، دوست هایی داشته باشه که هم خیلی خوبند هم موسیقی خوب گوش میدند :) این آب نما رو در حدود یک ساعت با سهیل، تو خونه، بسیار زیبای مهران درست کردیم. فیلم مال تقریبا دو هفته پیش ه. باشد که باز هم مارو دعوت کند :) @mehrankermanian0631 @soheilreihanian موسیقی از #mhproject #videoshow
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Feeling #crafty this weekend? Grab an old belt that was headed to the donation pile and repurpose it into the cutest Thanksgiving turkey EVER! Attach the belts to a thick piece of elastic so the turkey can be stretched around any serving bowl and then reused year after year! #blueidiy #themoderndiy #bhgfall #thanksgiving #denverblogger #turkeystagram #thanksgivingcraft #thanksgivingcrafts #upcycled #repurposed #repurpose #upcycledfashion
Axess 'Smooth' Wallet fits comfortably in your pocket without protruding.
The workshop is getting so close! Still a few free tickets left, head over to The Robin’s Retreat facebook page to book your place before it’s gone! #StokeOnTrent #SundayFunday