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Getting up at 3.15am is early after an overnighter the night before 😱 but great fun with @teamcoreco exploring day one of the next stage race. Especially when I got to the third support stop and thought that was the end, but I was only 2/3 in.. 🙈
El Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica está cumpliendo 120 años esta semana. Un recuerdo de nuestro paso por el foyer. • • • • Foto: @whiteboldagency #BajoZero #ensamble #doublebass #contrabajo #contrabaixo #quartet #music #TeatroNacional #sanjose #costarica #aniversario #120
✨ Pain brings strength. As hard as it is, if you can find a way to embrace the pain, not as something negative, but become an observer and realize it is just an experience in a moment in time. It can help to make the suffering more manageable. Suffering is not a bad thing it is just a simple growing pain. Your soul is becoming bigger, your body is basically breaking down to make room for a stronger soul. That hurts. It is a deconstruction of the old and then you will rebuild a new version. New beliefs, new experiences, new way to view reality. It is a roller coaster of ups and downs. They are both necessary 🙏