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What did we do with our Civil Engineering Degree? Well, stacked stones for one! It gets you riled up and relaxed at the same time! Kind of recreational, to be honest!
Practicing gratitude on a daily has been extremely difficult over the last few years. Starting today, I’ll be forcing myself to practice. Ha ha. Forcing. Universe, thank you for giving me the ability and skill set to cook both breakfast and dinner. Thank you for cuddles with Austin. Thank you for a brief nap. Thank you for Thanksgiving dinner with my son. And a special thanks to those of you that take the time to interact with me on this cool little app. Here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving was a blessed one. If you were alone this year for whatever reason, just know that you’re in my thoughts this evening. Day 1.
Y’all I tried. I thought “Hey! It’s thanksgiving, I have a giant tub with jets in this killer Airbnb. I have lavender bubble bath. I will like baths now.” Nope. I did my best but not my jam. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But drinking the bubbles while in other bubbles was pretty ok though. And watching The Good Place is always great. I would just rather do these things while snuggled in bed, not floating in rapidly cooling water while my fingers slowly prune.
Many thanks to all of you for following along in this corner of the web, it’s such fun to connect with each of you! I hope your Thanksgiving celebration was full of joy & hope...and may you have many leftovers to enjoy this week 😉
Parental iPhone photography but, overall just uber amounts of g r a t e f u l ✌🏼♥️✨
Light ni kita yang cari dia. Bukan dia cari kita tau. Bila dah jumpa sekejap je dia ada. 2-3 minit dia hilang. Observation paling penting. Pastu practice, practice and practice. Tak kisahlah kalau practice dengan handphone, dslr, mirrorless. Kalau ada equipment mahal tak tahu pakai pun tak guna. Baik derma bagi kat akak! Hehehe.. . . . #shotoniphone7plus #mobilephotography #iphonegraphy #detikmagik #myeverydaymagic #holdthemoments #cornersofmyworld #childrenseemagic #beforetheygrow #seekinspirecreate #lifewellcaptured #follow_this_light #momentwide #my_magical_moments #dearestviewfinder #myquietbeauty #alliseeispretty #mytinymoments #let_there_be_delight #vsco #subjectlight #theweekoninstagram #illuminateclasses #ourlightwithin #candidchildhood
Grateful. Even though I got annihilated in Risk & didn’t eat as much stuffing as I wanted to 🍴🦃
Uno dei luoghi più tranquilli della #City... 🌿 tutti ne rimangono sempre affascinati 😍 e noi non ci stanchiamo mai di visitarlo! #londra #londra2017 #tourlondra
Happiest Thanksgiving! So grateful to spend the day with family & this man of mine who is about to leave me for a month. I hope you're all filled with turkey & thankfulness 🙏🏼 #happythanksgiving
Dicembre a #londra? 🇬🇧 Abbiamo ancora qualche data disponibile per il nostro #tournatalizio alla ricerca di #regalidinatale 🎁 e delle più belle decorazioni🎄e luci della città! E per finire... una bella cioccolata calda? ☕️♥️
so thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving! Spending the day at home and had to share my mom’s beautiful table setting. 🦃🍁
Beach babe.
Once we’d arrived and parked up, we followed the pathway running parallel to the River Windrush. The river is framed each side by mature trees - which were just turning auburn on this October day - and is crossable by a series of low, stone arched bridges, giving Bourton-on-the-Water its 'Venice of the Cotswolds' title
You know when you have that moment in the day where you think, “yeah, she’s doing good, I think we could take a couple pictures.” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . If you were wondering, Ezra’s hair piece is real floral and greenery from @mapleridgeflorist , they were the amazing masterminds that brought our crazy idea to life for a special hair piece each guest received at the door for the #flannelandfrost evening that @goldngrasses and I hosted this past weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting full layout of the evening and possibly even some DIY’s ❤️❤️