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Left the line for lunch because I had to meet this 5 month old corgi. Just one step closer to meeting every dog.
The moose has volunteered to be my neck pillow. You can volunteer to rub my tummy at any time. #popgoesthecorgi
Ein is done with the rain and refuses to go inside. #corgilife #cuddlebread
Hooman: get off the table Me: what can't hear you Hooman: Apollo don't play that look at your big ass ears Me: sorry I'm color blind Hooman: what does that have to do with anything ..... nvm whatever Me: pant pant pant #barkingtonpost
Finally, I've lost 2pounds! So…can I eat them all? #corgi #corgilife #corgilove #コーギー #めざせ13キロ #でかコーギー
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Emo rock band press shot 😎 www.petstora.com @petstorapetstore #petstorapetstore
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Night world😴😴😴
First time in the water! I knew I wasn't gonna drown thanks to @ivan_the_terrible_husky who's right there to pull me up LOL! Surfs up pawddies! 🏊🏄🏻🐶😛🌊 #lifesgood
Простите, ребята, за морской #фотоспам 🌊 Но так хочется поделиться с вами своей радостью! 😁🙃
Mahhhhhm! Mahhhm! Mahmmmmm! You seen my legs?! 😂😂🐾🐾 #stumplife #corgidette
Stopping for a nice photo op with the buoys at the marina. #toostumpytoswim
Don't take pictures of me while I'm sleeping mom 😒
You can take the corgi out of the swamp, but...