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Something to ponder on this beautiful Monday morning! #beoriginal #copycats
When we are accidentally color coordinated! #bangalorediaries #colorcoordinated #copycats
Grumpy cat is not happy it's Monday but then again he's never happy! Character from a game I designed #copycats #characterdesign #catdesign #digitalart #illustration #character #grumpycat #gameart
Sundays are for the girls 😂 #copycats #butwerestillcool
Look at these hackers still being #attentionwhores. Y'all stole my main account @rihannatalie but at least I got my username back❣️ The owner of rihannaobessedaf is just being extra dramatic. She teamed up with the 3 hackers who were in on my plan about me faking my death online. That bitch not dying. She not even sick tbh. Now she trying to get noticed by Riri. Bitch stop it. Y'all can't do what I did. Tired of these fake #rihannanavy fans. They want you to tag away so Rihanna will noticed. Y'all trying really hard. (Just like when I faked my death.) I said I was extremely sick and then I "died." As soon as MY QUEEN noticed me the 3 admins who currently still run /MY/ old account. ( @rihannatalie) Changed the email and password and left me to the wolves. Now here they are doing it YET AGAIN. They're pathetic. Yes, it sucks a fan needs to be dying in order for our queen to notice us via social media. But seriously? Y'all trying to pull this stunt again? "My heart won't cooperate with my body." MY ASS. Y'all just need to understand. Bitches be extreme on this app. And I still have jealous fan page owners who hate me over what I did not that long ago. #idgaf #lmao #whatever Y'all keep trying. My wish came true, and maybe yours will to. 😭 #fakebitches❣️ #bajannavy #rihannanavy #ririnavy #watchoutnow #swipepost to view more. #smh PS: They are not going to get noticed. All those followers and you're still a nobody. I don't know why they even trying. #shrugs #crazyfans #copycats #lol 👋🏽
Spot the difference #copycats
🚨 ATTENTION SEEKING 🚨 #copycatS 🐯🦁❤️