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Estaban ... the "Terre Neuve" or as we know them, the Newfoundland <3 Day 1 at Barkjour... hanging out in a pretty vineyard in the medieval countryside of Provence with gorgeous dogs and their families who treasured them. I was in my happy place <3 #barkjour
Knowledge is like a tree.
How do we investigate osteopathic clinical practice in a meaningful way? Register for tonight's webinar - details on our website: www.osteopathy.org.au 🔬💻
BGC shot from The Mind Museum
3 great #dance #artist #training days at #MDI this month, Perfect as a refresher course and for recent graduates/emerging artists 22nd September - Freelance pool introduction - led by Jen Hale - essential for anyone wishing to work for MDI in a freelance capacity 29th September - Inclusive Dance Practices - led by David Wildridge 6th October - Dance for young people - led by Paul Doyle Dance for older people - led by Maxine Brown #CPD #professionaldevelopment #continuingprofessionaldevelopment #danceartiststraining #trainingday #development #arts #careersinarts #studio24 #hopestreet #artsprofessional #Liverpool #Wirral #Knowsley #Sefton #Sthelens #Halton #Merseyside #danceliverpool #dancing #dancer
I came across these shocking statistics regarding the prevalence of diabetes in the UK ,while reading a CPD article The condition is reaching epidemic proportions amongst developed countries. Certainly I have seen a huge rise in cases of diabetes in my 17 year career as a pharmacist. The burden this is placing in society is immense. #diabetes #type2diabetes #primarycare #healthstatistics #healthcosts #healthcrisis #nutrition #nhs #disease #healthexpenditure #pharmacist #pharmacy #cpd #continuingprofessionaldevelopment
Basic rules.
Hello! We arrived back in Australia very early yesterday morning and I thought I'd escaped jet lag by getting in lots of naps on the plane, but alas it did hit me and I'm only now starting to feel in sync with Sydney time again. I wanted to share some images from Barkjour while I was over there, however we had such a busy time with learning, shooting and socialising that I didn't get an opportunity to really start working on my images. So tonight I'm going to make a start! What better place to start than with the very first French dog I photographed on the very first shoot of the week. This is LuLu and she's a tiny little Schnauzer. We were shooting in a vineyard on this particular evening and this one was taken right at the start as we made out way up to the vineyard. The light in the south of France is incredible at this time of year <3 #Barkjour
I've just signed up to this lecture series. I think it is so important to stay up to date with current evidence based treatments & support. . . . #cerps #ibclc #lactationconsultant #continuingprofessionaldevelopment #alwayslearning #tonguetie #osteopathy #goldlearning #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport
"The Outstanding Teachers" #ContinuingProfessionalDevelopment
The reason why I piu my first deal last year...should have taken #ContinuingProfessionalDevelopment courses earlier, but you can't carry it forward. I'm really thankful for the opportunity Uncle J gave me. I got the lead at #BishanNorthMarket wearing singlet and shorts, with green hair. I did about 5 viewings, handled the negotiations without any help from my upline. Ironically, Uncle J taught me how to handle viewings and we made a good team negotiating with the cobroke, who guided me along the way too. When I did eventually call my upline for assistance, instead of offering solutions, I was scolded for making a mistake in the first place. That was when I made the rash decision to end the working relationship. I just don't like being scolded. I think it's a #millennial thing. So now here I am. All alone. Now I know why agents work in groups. It's near impossible to get this thing started alone, especially when you are new. And my group was actually very nice to me, considering my work ethic (or lack thereof) at that point of time. Except for that auntie from another agency (I think, it was kind of a blur) whom I met during a dinner. She made snide remarks about a mistake I made during my very first viewing. It was a rental and I handled that alone too. And she chided, "没有 agent 的样。" Thankfully Uncle J isn't as superficial as she is and let me have the opportunity. I remember the joy of actually getting my first offer. However, we couldn't accept the cheque for another 7 days as I made the mistake of not reminding the seller to endorse the checklist. The buyer pulled out eventually citing personal reasons. Luckily, Uncle J didn't blame me for losing that $1k. I remember the flat had a giant Snorlax and the buyer's little girl was having fun sitting on it...I was so happy as I thought I had helped her find a new home. I think this sense of accomplishment is what keeps people going in the business. Without that positive experience, I probably would just give this up. Thank you Uncle J. And nope, I didn't have to "high-5" anyone during any of the viewings. Or maybe that's the reason none of them closed? #careerdevelopment #realtorlife
A special thank you to Dr.Mervyn Patterson from Woodford Medical and Eden Aesthetics for visiting our clinic yesterday - we thoroughly enjoyed our educational visit & found it most informative. 📚 #everydaysaschoolday #freshincskinsquad #continuingprofessionaldevelopment #skingoals #edenaesthetics #freshskin #dundee #freshincmedispa