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Took me close to an hour to edit this image. The colours weren't conforming and gave me hell. I never gave up. Instead, I gave it hell until it conformed. Such is the principle of life. I don't have presets or filters - I have what I call 'basers' which gives every single photo I work on a 'base look' to kick start my editing process. I then lock the pixels in photoshop which then allows me to extrude and transition the colours effectively without straining the original pixels, it's like pixel building/stacking instead of stretching. You must strive to understand how colours work (principles of coloring) and how they interact with eachother. One of the secrets to effective grading is understanding complementary colours which is the basis of all visual aesthetics, make your work a visual enigma. It's not just the edit which will make this happen but also your environment, the colours available in the scene, type of lighting and even the lens used. Oh have you ever noticed that 'evening news' is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t. Picture: @lexonart Model: @laurenn_faye #instagood #portraitmood #workofart #discoverglobe #consciousness #consciousliving #sombrebeings #expofilm #humanedge #fineartphg #motivationalquotesoftheday #nikond5 #adobe_breakingboundaries #nikonnofilter #Xhutterpixel
New Moon Swoon 🌚
My boy DaK is the newest member of the Eight18! Come check him out tonight at skinnys! @eight18_org
Hi beautiful. Just wanted to remind you to make time for yourself today. Even if it’s just a minute of silence. 60 seconds of not thinking about work, relationships, or what you need to get done today. Just you, your breath and your body. 💛 Also wanted to say THANK YOU to those of you who’ve signed up for the e-course! We start in four days and are currently in 5 different continents!! 😍🤗 If you haven’t signed up yet you still have a few days left! We start October 23rd. #scienceoflettinggo
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This is the root of your fears and anxieties. Just drop it and enjoy the journey 🙏🌹🍁🌸