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Sunny sunflowers on campus at Southwestern College make me smile every day! 🌻🌼✌️💛🙌 • • #repost @jesseluwho
"Friend, even if you cannot picture your future, do not despair. All dreams of the future are already in the past. Your future is already taking care of itself. The present moment is your home, never coming, never going. It can be trusted, so breathe it in." . . . . . . . . #conciousness #enlightenment #selflove #selfcompassion #mindfullness #mindful #growth #love #mantra #authenticity #worldpeace #internationalpeaceday #qotd #quotes #quotestoliveby #love #vulnerability #spirituality #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #positiveenergy #positivethinking #positivethoughts #universe #picoftheday #yogaqotd #yoga
Welcome to Southwestern College and to the Land of Enchantment! The new fall cohort is lovely and we are SO excited to learn, grow, and practice with you! 💜🙌 • • #swcfallcohort2017
Exactly 4:02 today is the Autumnal Equinox and I can't express enough the significance of this day🙏🏽 Today the 22nd and tomorrow the 23rd are so beyond sacred✨⚡️🌙☀️💛 "A great sign appeared in the heavens: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. " Revelations 12:1 & 2 come true in the constellations - - today the sun enters Virgo the sun represents consciousness - Virgo is clothed by the sun today. The planet Jupiter has been in the "womb" of Virgo the past nine months, it has been in the same spot in the sky in the constellation Virgo for 9 months signifying a pregnancy - the birth of human consciousness. The moon is at her feet as you can see in this screenshot of the constellations today, this is exactly where our planets are aligned today. The nine stars in the constellation Leo plus the three planets Mercury Mars and Venus symbolize the 12 stars that make up her crown or also the 12 chakras. The constellation Leo is also an exact replica of the Pyramids- - it's the golden spiral it's a message from ancients. It is a momentous day for each soul and if you tap into the power and sovereignty of what lives right above you in the sky today. There's so much more that I have to say but I was guided to post this topic to hopefully spark something in a few souls who have no idea this was happening today. Bless you, love and light🌙⚡️💫✨ today is a graduation day for human evolution and consciousness - - we are well on our way to becoming a 5th dimensional planet once more💕 #autumnalequinox #equinox2017 #human #conciousness #virgo #revelations12
. #پاییز خوش آمدی باشد که بقیه ی سال پر باشد از #امید، #عشق، #آفتاب، #شادی و #خنده باشد که هر روز برای تو لذت، #شهامت، قدرت، بخشندگی، معجزات و آرامش درونی به همراه داشته باشد. اگر موافقی بنویس " بله " . #people #special #lawofattraction #conciousness #awake #awaken #human #concious #meditation #humanbeing #freedom #meaning #life #spiritual #freethinkers #humanity #truth #free #mystic
Do I need to say more. We often don't even know that we are out first Love. 🌈 . You are not here to Manifest Love & Abundance by hard labor. You are here to manifest your Dream Life by your Consciousness. You are here to manifest the right use of Universal Law! . Join the conversation in my closed mastermind group:⚜️ 'Universal Iris Abundant Society.' ⚜️Where I will be doing weekly live casts on mind shifting and even Angel Card readings for anyone who happens to have any questions in mind. All free. . . And don't forget to check out my YouTube: Universal Iris for more inspiration and self development a.k.a. Self love. ✨ . Because you are so fucking worthy. And even when you don't believe, you deserve everything you want. Learn to make the shift and receive. Blessings!✨
(art from pinterest) 🌙🌌 a sensitive soul a heart of wild you grew up thinking you're a cursed child embrace your blessing it's not a curse because you've been kissed by the universe. 🌖🌗🌘