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Sossis nodles beef rendang 😋
What do dominos have to do with achieving the things you truly want? 93% of entrepreneurs will never learn this secret to business. ------------------------------ People make the mistake of believing that it takes one thing, one secret, one action, one skill to achieve the results in life that you have been hoping for a long time. ----------------------------- In reality #life is a game of cause and effect, how one thing leads to the next. My mentor taught me you can never eat a meal in one bite or see all of the world 🌎 in one view. ----------------------- You must always let one thing lead to another and take things one domino at a time. #commentback "me" if you understand this message. @theliberationlifestyle #lifequotes #lifelessons #inspiration #successquotes #successtips #businesstips #lifetips #foodforthought
Dead inside
But ion like him anymore now, well I think😓💔