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I've often felt as though pizza is the food of choice for millenials. There are memes, gifs, and even pop songs that reference pizza. And to pay homage to those ballads, I've written my own pop song (to the tune of "Let it Be"). When I find myself in times of hunger, I scamper down the street at night, Shouting and calling for pizza, Let me eat (dun dun dun). And as my stomach continues to gurgle, I resist the nagging urge to burgle, Because all the pizza shops...are now closed (dun dun dun). And I don't know why I just bought that sushi, I fucking hate 7/11 sushi, But that's just how my life is, I'm hungry (dun dun dun). I don't want to sound like a snob, but this Cali roll looks like an f'n blob, Please don't eat this Cameron, I'm hungry (dun dun dun). I know I'll wake up tomorrow morn, And I'll be scavenging for some day old corn, My life is really sad, Let me eat (dun dun dun). I hope tomorrow I'll eat a pizza pie, But it's unlikely since I lost my left eye, I really need medical attention, Let me eat (dun dun dun). Then one day I walked into the shop, I order 3 pizzas and a large pop, They handed them to me and I sprinted, Let me eat (dun dun dun). But the store owner was quick to chase, Lucky for him he also had some mace, I went blind in my only working eye, Let me eat (dun dun dun). He threw me to the ground and stomped on my hand, back in high school I got laid 'cus I was in a band, But that was the last time I had coitus, Let me eat (dun dun dun). The owner told me to run away, And he said "son it's your lucky day", This is my final call for help, Let me eat! (Dun dun dun).
🎥 "We tend to place condoms in the backgrounds of scenes or imply them. But we hear you guys and will do better next season." @IssaRae's response after her and other @insecurehbo team members were receiving questions about safe sex messaging on the show. Had the discussion come up at the watch parties you've been attending? [📷: @dailydot]
Back To School Shopping Be Like🤣🤣 #comedy #f3mt #tagafriend