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I’m going on a cruise in 93 days and in the last week or two I’ve noticed that I’ve been critiquing my body and pinpointing parts of it that I want to improve. This is something I’ve been working on for quite some time now and I have gotten better with it but because I’m going on a cruise I feel like my body isn’t “bikini ready”. Why do we have this body image in our mind of someone who has abs and is thin and we believe that is the perfect body? Why do we always have to be so negative when it comes to our bodies? Why do we always have to compare ourselves to others? Why can’t we love the body that we have or the body that we are working hard on? I don’t workout to try and fit this body type that society has drilled in our minds that we should have. I workout because it makes me happy, it makes me stronger, I feel beautiful and I am healthy.
“Her case is rock solid.” - @lawschoolsavage lmao
What do you do yo help stay organized and manage time? 💠 Today's goal is to become more organized with my due dates - those #collegestudentproblems mostly have to do with losing track of time and cramming before exams. While I've worked hard to make this quarter a more organized one, it's still a struggle, so today I sat down and wrote out what's due within the next 2 weeks, as well as today's and tomorrow's study goals. The big goal is to always be a week ahead of my work, but that sounds like a dream right now. . . Also, I used @ditavonteese's new book as a lap desk because it's massive and she's gorgeous. 💁😍 . . . . #collegestudent #timemanagement #goaldigger #bulletjournal #futurechiropractor #organize #goals #studentlife #collegesuccess #plantosucceed #ditavonteese
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I shed a tear at this, it is glorious. @beckybarnicomics
Only 69 more sleeps till Christmas and like another fifteen thousand until I retire woohooooo. @thespeckyblonde
chapped cause I can't go back this year #collegestudentproblems
Wow am I the healthiest person on earth????? #fitfam where u at?
We went from studying exams to "GUYS WE HAVE TO GO TO FYE TO BUY REPTAR CEREAL AND CANDY BARS" lmfao @boboy_cc #collegestudentproblems #fye #collectors #collect #collecting #rugrats #reptar #reptarcereal
Porshia, how do you feel about your college journey and degree plan so far ? 😂 Me: I’m doing fine, almost done, but... #atwhatpointdoIneedtousePlaneTrigonometryInLife #willcitingmysourcesputfoodontheTable #collegestudentproblems
If you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re strong. You are brave. You are loved. You are enough. Stand tall, stand proud, you’re a warrior 💕
Happy Monday everyone ! What is your week looking like ? This week is going to be super busy for me I have three exams this week! I decide to spread out everything I have to do this week in order to stay on track with so many things going on. For anthropology we have an 8 page paper to do once again ! So I spreaded out the questions I was going to do each day. I already did the first two questions for today which is a good start. I have my second exam for chemistry on Wednesday and then my math exam on Thursday ! Hoping to get good grades on all my exams! Mid-term week is busy but I know I can do it. How is evrryones week looking like? If you are going through midterms week we got this and can do it ! #prenursing #nursing #nursinghumor #nursingschool #nursingstudent #midterms #midtermsweek #nurse #college #collegestudent #collegestudentproblems #collegelife #wegotthis #letsdothis
I am definitely a person who can easily hide all emotions that I’m feeling. I can easily hide the fact that my head is submerged under water and my ankles are tided to anchors. I took some time to think and reflect and I came to find out that I have stopped living life. I am literally just trying to make it to the next day, living in the thought of tomorrow. I am not living. I’m waiting. The thing is though, I have no clue what I’m waiting for. I guess I’m waiting for the answers to be given to me because I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I’m stuck trying to figure out where my true happiness resides, or at least where I’ll be most happy. Should I continue to fight or let go?!
There needs to be a day between Sunday and Monday.
Relatable. @studentproblems