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I once drove around the gardens of this place in a golf cart. It was transcendent. Plus it was Hugo Drax’s place in the Bond movie “Moonraker!” #Repost of @reginesemaan ・・・ This year , Santa Claus lost his reindeer ! Well , I must say he ´s quite young ... 😃🎅🏻🦌 @chateauvlv #vlvfetenoel #christmas #christmasmood #christmasdecoration #heavenlyplanet #living_destinations #fotografpark #photooftheday #picoftheday #thecoolhunter #travellingthroughtheworld #hello_worldpics #guardiancities #cettesemainesurinstagram #castles #artofvisuals #wanderlust #cntraveler #theprettycities #ig_sharepoint #special_shots #forbestravelguide #master_shots #tasteintravel #instagoodmyphoto #bestplacetogo
So grateful to call @sailingsarah family and celebrate her this wkend in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. You mean so much to so many people - hope you know just how loved you are! Happiest of birthdays to one of the most loving, supportive women out there 💖💞🎉 #explorewithapril #edinburgh
Lajiong La, Tibet. 19,127ft 🙃 #naturesnice #prayerflags #aggressivewalking
AND WE’RE BACK 🌊 New posts, new pics, new trips are all up on our site now just in time for 2018 travel planning!
These light installations came just in time when i was feeling down. It reminds me of a quote; 'Never let anyone dull your sparkle.' ✨
Empire State of mind
cocktail o'clock! 🍹 cheers @kims._.view #LUUMAholbox #Holbox
Standing still, just before the rain.
I know a great spot to have lunch today 😏⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #sydney #NSW #Australia #lunchbreak #operahouse #fromwhereistand
Multiple meeting configurations, delicious food and fresh air. All available at our 22nd floor meeting room, Courtyard 2. #courtyardsingapore
Monday musings. ( #notetoself: Stop overthinking!!!! 🤗) . #pdbchallenge #thepurposefulcreative (via @girlboss)
Can it snow already?! 🧚🏻‍♂️❄️☃️
oh hey nessie
Raise your paddles if you wish you were here right now. 💠💠💠 Follow: @blueskydestinations - 📷 @deepblueimages | @visitcaymanislands - 📌 Tag #blueskydestinations to be featured -
Spontaneous afternoon at the Observatory today. Not pictured: ten million selfies being taken from every angle, outcropping, and overhang. Keep on keepin' on, L.A.
© 2003-2017 Maurice Lee All RIghts Reserved • I met a German guy named J when I returned to the guesthouse that night. We exchanged our stories to pass time. He said he worked in BP and had chances to travel to different destinations due to his work. He was there for a meeting, but he had two days off to explore the city. I thought people on a business trip would prefer hotels to hostels, but J seemed quite different. • The next morning, J invited me to join his trip to the horse race course. On the MRT to the racing ground, he told me that he was naturally attracted to all kinds of gambling, and he loved to learn the odds of different kind of gambling. When he explained the odds to me, I could not understand it at all. I was never good at numbers and mathematics; to me, understanding odds was just like performing magic tricks. It was only for talented people. However, out of curiosity, I still went to the race course with J. • It was fun to see people become enthusiastic about something. Having the chance to be there gave me the opportunity to observe the whole situation. J ended up winning a small sum of money, and he invited me to go to a club that night to celebrate over it and to experience Korean club culture. I told him that I had an early flight next morning, and had planned to sleep at incheon airport that night. It would be great if it was not the last day of my trip. But I did feel exhausted. So we said goodbye and parted our ways. • • • • • • • #TravelerInKorea #TravelerInSeoul #IamATraveler #lonelyplanet #worldnomads #TLPicks #passionpassport #wanderlust #instagood #instadaily #instapic #instalike #exploreeverything #backpacker #airbnbmag #travelphotography #travelgram #travelingram #somewheremagazine #cntraveler #lensculture #livetheadventure #korea #seoul #서울 #packandgo #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい #mjcrosstheborders #mjurbanstories
So many good things on the #FTRBlist this weekend so here’s an abridged version: the first snow of the season, Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly!, catching up with good friends, giant Christmas trees, and sleeping in that clock tower with a view over this fantastic city..... Thank you, New York, see you next time.....
#Jisugoesto Chelsea, NYC! Waited two hours in the snow to see #Yayoikusama's #FestivalOfLife exhibit. Checked this off my bucket list ✔️
#Jisugoesto Chelsea, NYC! Waited two hours in the snow to see #Yayoikusama's #FestivalOfLife exhibit. Checked this off my bucket list ✔️
#Jisugoesto Chelsea, NYC! Waited two hours in the snow to see #Yayoikusama's #FestivalOfLife exhibit. Checked this off my bucket list ✔️
Fancy seeing your post in our gallery❓ . Will @intimate_wonders here to invite you to join us. . Let us know where you are. We welcome contributions from anyone worldwide, not just Londoners. So if you took any great shots whilst visiting London, post them and tag with . 👉 #LO_MoonShine (Monday only). . . 1️⃣ Follow @london_only. Post and tag unlimited NEW London-related images with the above between Midnight and 21:00 🇬🇧 Monday. . 2️⃣ Do check out other outstanding tagged posts through the day. . 3️⃣ The winner will be featured here tomorrow. Enjoy and best of luck! . . . . . . . . #myFeatureShoot #justgoshoot #londonforyou #igersLondon #london_city_photo #shutup_london #theimaged #London_Only #rsa_streetview #igersLondon #loves_London #theLondonlifeinc #london_enthusiast #tv_pointofview #transfer_visions #uk_shooters #Meetup #announcement #london_enthusiast #londonguru #communityfirst #london #aGameOfTones #creativity #logo #ResourceTravel #LondonDisclosure #LondonEye
road tropical 🌿
Himalayan vibes.
A bookstore with a flair for drama #elateneo #recoleta
REALITY CHECK: this time of year we can easily fall prey to comparison as people share the “pretty” things: their vacations (like this 📸), engagements, family Christmas cards... the list goes on. But I think it’s important we’re honest about the other side of things too. • I share my travel experience because I genuinely hope to inspire you to see more of the world (there are SO many wonderful places beyond our everyday bubble!) But my goal with Blonde Atlas is never to make my life seem like some glamorous facade that it’s not. While I am CRAZY thankful to travel the way I do- please don’t be fooled: my life is MUCH more complicated than fun trips on Instagram. Some things you DON’T see on social media?: -I’m 30 years old + currently living in my cousin’s basement in Chicago. I came here trying to figure out “what’s next” because I haven’t been able to find a visa to live in London this last year like I hoped I would (and if you’ve never been kept from living where you want to live, it’s honestly been more heartbreaking than some of the worst breakups). -I have months where my business does really well + I feel on top of the world, but there are lots of months that are hard + scary and I wonder how I’ll get by. -The farther I walk down this path of living an unconventional life, the farther away I feel from ticking “normal” boxes that you’re “supposed to” check- and even though I’m so proud of my life, it can still feel downright TERRIFYING that you may be making the wrong choices about everything. • My point of this rant isn’t to be a downer- far from it in fact. I think it’s great that social media is a platform to focus on the positive things- so let’s keep doing that! But let this serve as a simple reminder that contrary to what you see around you, we’re ALL struggling with different things, doing the best we know how + are figuring life out one day at a time. So take a deep breath— you’re doing just fine. We’re all in this together ❤️ http://liketk.it/2tO2B #liketkit @liketoknow.it
A California family is embarking on an exciting adventure to the Galapagos this holiday season. After a stay at Hacienda Zuleta, a beautiful historic country home in the Ecuadorean Andes, they’ll set sail on a boutique expedition boat for some island hopping around the Galapagos. They’ll be living a life at sea for seven days, and will get to explore Genovesa “Tower” Island to go bird watching, the active volcano on Fernandina, and of course, the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, to visit a privately-owned hacienda where the famed Galapagos giant tortoises roam free in their natural habitat.
Behold my first real drone photo!!! I bought a drone before this trip to photograph the ocean rock pools. Of course it didn't come until the evening before I left. I had to take it straight from the box to my suitcase and figure it out as I go. I've crashed it twice bit it still works - I think. 😬.. .. .. #bondi #bondibeach #oceanpool #goopgo #natgeotravelpic #iamatraveler #mytinyatlas #traveldeeper #globalyodel #travelwithfathom #tlpicks #cntraveler #pinefor #bythings #guardiantravelsnaps #fromabove #visitaustralia #discoveraustralia #dronephotography #dronestagram #droneoftheday
You can take the boy out of Bethells Beach, but you can't take Bethell's Beach out of the boy 💚 (who wants to take out Bethells Beach anyway #bestbeachever)
#nürnberg 🇩🇪 #germany
Christmastime in Fla ☃🎅🏼🎄
Today was perfect.
Christmas in New Orleans is mostly fresh garland, white twinkle lights and red bows. It's such a pretty and cozy feel!🌲
Throwing it back to a photo from Cinque Terre while currently trying to plan where I should venture to next...⠀ ⠀
In the next instant I hope to be every and nowhere at the same time 🤯 ° • ∆ ∆ • ° #thesupsuilife #pnwexplorations #pnwoutdoorwomen #pnwonderland
And now we're in Istanbul--a city near and dear to my heart. There's nothing quite like it. You can feel the history of a thousand years when you're here, which is what makes visiting antique shops in Kadıköy so enjoyable.
Just an ordinary windy Sunday 🌬🌊 Have a nice week! ❤️