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You know that feeling when you are pretty sure you won't have to keep a Rubbermaid container full of jeans and shorts that don't fit anymore?? 🤣 Well, this is what I have left... and beyond THAT, well, I will be blown away when I go buy something smaller than a 16. I've tried all these on and some are tighter than others but have a bigger size so, it's all weird. But I want to fit all these comfortably/too big for me by September. Since I live in the South, we can wear shorts indefinitely (second photo are shorts). And some of the shorts are just a little snuggy, but some are...laughable. You can't say I don't have #clothesgoals though! I decided to only keep 3 pairs of 24s to one day jump in one leg of for progress pics 🤗 I kept shorts, some capris (that are in my profile pic) and a pair of off white jean/pants I wore to my brother's beach wedding (I thought I looked fabulous) -- I'm going to give my mom 3 pairs of Melissa McCarthy for Seven7 jeans today and I'm really sad about it because I LOOOOOVE them but also super happy to remove them. #torrid #lanebryant #cato #target #seven7 #vsg #vsginstafam #vsgcommunity #bariatricsurgery #gastricsleeve #verticalsleeve #weightlossjourney #sleevers #wlsstories #lowcarb #jeans