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Oil Artist Yukimasa Ida is the youngest artist so far in the #LDF history that has been asked to supply a commission for the auction in St Tropez. We are all thrilled for Ida and the chance to work with this fine foundation that is actually "doing" something about the worlds plight. Also Ida begins his UK residence in August and debut U.K. show in London Oct 2017 "Debut". #Repost @simondepury ( @get_repost) ・・・ Leonardo DiCaprio by Yukimasa Ida to be sold July 26 enquiries WhatsApp +447500660868 de-Pury.com #yukimasaida #leonardodicaprio #leonardodicapriofoundation #2017ldfauction #allinplaceinamatteroftime #climatechangeisreal #savetheplanet @leonardodicapriofoundation @leonardodicaprio @sfaadvisory @lisaschiff123 @simondepury
📷 "Geological" at Lake Mead
Avoid artificially sweetened drink at all costs. Ditch the high fructose corn syrup, instead drink a fruit smoothie. Contains fructose with the fiber still intact therefore slowing absorption and feeding your gut microbial flora. #govegan #vegan #veganism #vegansofig #wakeup #makethechange #plantbased #eatplants #activism #love #compassion #sentient #choose #chooselove #cognitivedissonance #maketheconnection #environment #climatechangeisreal #protectearth #friendsnotfood #goodmorning #humanitarian #think #thinkpositive #ditchtheeggs #fuckcancer
For every 1️⃣0️⃣people I tell that I try to live more sustainably ♻️by producing as little trash as possible, there will be: 👆that rolls their eyes 🙄💩 ✌️that tell me they appreciate my efforts, but could never live this way 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ 👆that tries to be #zerowaste, but only around me 🙇‍♀️🙇 ✋️that begin seeing things differently and may make subtle changes on their own and 👆that changes their lifestyle! ----------------------------- That last one is my friend @brook1aj. He even goes as far as to pick up trash and recyclables around #CapitolHill as he walks the dogs he trains! 🐶🙌♻️🚯 ----------------------------- Don't get discouraged if you can't convince everyone to live this way. I used to (as I even wrote about in a blog post a few weeks ago), but I realized that I wasn't always this way, either; that through educating myself I learned how to live more sustainably. Just keep getting the word out! 🗣 #bethechange #mondaymotivation #thankyouforbeingafriend #plasticfreejuly
Unser heutiger #zeitsprung zeigt eine alte Postkarte als Dokument des Klimawandels. Der #Rhonegletscher im #Wallis hat sich in den letzten 80 Jahren aus der Ebene zurückgezogen. In weiteren 80 Jahren wird er ganz verschwunden sein. [ @goran.basic]
Sometimes I feel a deep resignation about the development of our western societies. Who the hell needs a coconut with a plastic nozzle packaged in plastic wrap?! As well Aloe leaves wrapped in plastics..It is absurd how far this thing called convenience went in the past and it's scary to think about how far it can push our society in the future. People totally loose (and already lost) their connection with nature and everything that's in it. I mean when people are teached that you need a plastic wrap around a coconut (which has its own natural skin by the way..)with a drinking lid how are they supposed to know the real stuff that happens in nature? #zerowastegermany #zerodechet #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowastedeutschland #gogreen #trashisfortossers #stoptheconvenience #stopplastic #climatechangeisreal #climatechange #backtonature #saynotoplastic #saynotosingleuseplastic #plastikfrei #plasticsucks #plasticfree #plasticstinks #plasticfreejuly #lesswaste
Contemplating switching to @octopus_energy with My Green Collective but worried about committing when you don't know the deal?⠀ ⠀ Don't worry, you don't agree to a thing until the deal's been offered. All you have to do right now is register your interest. #ChangeTheEnergy⠀ ⠀ ----⠀⠀ We’re ‘My Green Collective’, a community dedicated to empowering change in consumer behaviour for a better, greener world. Our first campaign is #changetheenergy, focused around a big collective switch over to @octopus_energy, the UK’s largest investor in solar energy. They’re offering such a deal, where we can save at least £200 a year. The more people who sign up, the better the deal – but the final decision to switch is completely up to you. Find out more via the link in our bio.
On the road to #Alexandria to talk #ClimateChange projects. News coming soon in the form of a new project to bring the urgency about the effects of climate change to people a little closer. #climatechangeisreal @everydayclimatechange #alexandria #egypt #cairo #delta
After watching Chasing Coral last night it got me really rattled, upset & devastated but also, thinking what the f*ck am I doing to help?! In my mere 29 years on this planet we humans have killed HALF the global coral population with our carbon emissions!! I'm selling these pretty images for people to put on their walls but how is the ocean benefitting from this?! @rileysharks kindly reminded me that people only protect what they love and the only love what they know so by exposing the ocean in a positive light I am helping others to love it as much as I do. I hope thats the case, but theres still so much more to do 😧 we can start by being concious of the garments we wear, the meat we eat and the lotions & potions you put on our skin 💖.. And for anyone wondering this is a blue shark, photographed about 500m from my house 😊
This made me really sad we actually need to do something about the way we treat our world, for leo at least #climatechangeisreal #leonardodicaprio