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Mmm pumpkin pumpkin everywhere! 🎃I love it!!! I seriously look forward to making pumpkin things all year! . These Glazed Pumpkin Balls seriously taste so much like glazed doughnut holes! They're crazy good! Easy too! Go do it up 👉🏻 www.eatordrink.net 🎉 . I'm using @therealpantry Pumpkin Spice blend again and it is so incredible! All spices are NOT created equal! 😆
Have you tried our bison and eggwhite breakfast burrito? Filled with ground bison, egg whites, cheese, and the best HATCH green chile, breakfast has never tasted so good! . . . . #fit #fitfood #instafit  #instafam #healthy #healthyfood #food #foodie #meal #mealprep #cleaneats #cleaneating #absaremadeinthekitchen #fit #Scottsdale #Phoenix #Tempe #AZ # #FeastMode #fitfam #instafood #instagood #instagram #crossfit #instaquote #europa
The key ingredient to any successful diet is preparation. Especially when at the office/ on campus all day long, we need somewhere to put all the food we need otherwise we'll just go and buy snacks which isn't good for the bank account or the diet 🤷🏼‍♀️. Thankfully the guys at @warprep have got me covered. They sent me over some merch asking for a private review but here's a public one because this box is a life saver which I think everyone needs to benefit from! 🙏. Basically there's 3 different compartments plus cutlery which all fit together PLUS an insulated bag to put it all in which means I can make my oats first thing in the morning, then do my fasted cardio walk to Uni and eat them when I get there and they're still warm. Winner! 🙌🏼 The box doesn't leak at all and the bag also means that no nasty smells linger in my backpack throughout the day. So basically 10/10 would recommend and also the branding is on point if you wanna look and feel like a boss👊👏
What’s in your juice ?? 🍏🥝🥒🥑 juicing is an incredible way to get in nutrients and vitamins from the source! Spinach, apple, avocado, ginger, celery are all packed with vitamins that help digestion, detoxify and overall health!! Soak up some juice ✅💚✅💚 • • • • #juice #greens #spinach #health #juicing #apples #vitamins #minerals #source #cleaneats #stayfocused #workhard #playhard #nikewomen #toronto #fitnessgoals #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #foodforthought #foodforthesoul
On our date nights we go to @warbyparker and try on glasses we can’t afford lol 🤓. Took a spontaneous trip into the city last night with my love. Quarter tank of gas, No money and little to no food but those are the best kind of dates! Just wandering without a care in the world ❤️. #TheLittleThings ---------------------------------------------------- • • • • • • • • • #healthyeating #live #gains #life #love #girlfriend #self #bodybuilder #gymtime #gymflow #datenight #warbyparker #shopping #bodybuildingmotivation #nyc #workout #cleaneats #wanderlust #mensphysique #gym #workout #sweat #fitfam #scalclothing #hundredornothing #motivation #cardio #diet #training
A year ago today I quite my corporate job to travel to SE Asia for two months. Taking that leap of faith was the best decision of my life ✨🌏✈️ living out of a backpack, making new friends, learning learning different cultures, playing with the elephants, eating endless amounts of smoothie bowls has me extremely grateful for taking that leap of faith. You are you're only limit. You decide how your going to live your life and weather how you want to live it. So take that leap of faith and just go for it. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. What's one thing you have done to step outside of your comfort zone?!? ✨💖 #travel #thailand #exploretheworld
Our turkeys are enjoying this beautiful fall weather. ☀️
Fueled up on this green smoothie before the gym this morning. I'm 6 months postpartum and feeling like my strength is back 100%. Recovering from having a baby is no joke - so many changes on the outside AND inside. It's hard as heck to get yourself back to pre-baby physically and mentally (especially the older you are ha 🙋🏼👵🏼). If you're struggling with a fitness goal, don't give up. It takes time. Be patient, and trust the process. My strength is back, but I'm still dealing with my body trying to move back into place - i.e. Pain in my back, hips and legs, and I'm still not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight (and I'm not worried about it!). Although I've had moments of frustration (why is this so hard? I just want to be as strong as I was before the baby! Hello weak core!!), I've kept moving forward. If you are struggling - hang in there! You've got this! It feels good to work your butt off for something ❤️• • Smoothie: 2 cups almond milk, @vitalproteins collagen peptides, spinach, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen peaches/mango/cherries, topped with @eatnuttzo crunchy power fuel, and @purely_elizabeth pumpkin cinnamon granola. Have a great day you guys!
Bugün hafif bir detoks sürecine gireyim dedim 🤗 Açıkcası ben sıvı detokslara inanmam, ☝🏻onun yerine oruç tutarım daha iyi. Benim için detoks bol yeşil sebze, bol antioksidan içeren, et grubundan bir süreliğine uzak durarak bol su, bitki çayı tüketilen bir süreç. O para verip aldığınız meyve sebze suları bu işin sadece ticari boyutu inanın bana. Ayrıca detoks sadece sıvı besin tüketmekle maalesef olmaz. Sigara ve alkolü de tüketmeyeceksiniz, hatta kahveyi bile. Zira vücudu asidite ediyor. 🙄İçecekseniz de 2 katı kadar daha su içmeyi eklemelisiniz programınıza. 💦Açık havada yürüyüş yapıp, şekerden ve basit karbonhidrattan arındırılmış bir beslenme düzeni izlememiz gerekiyor. 🍏Çünkü zaten vücudumuza detoks yaptıran babalar gibi bi organımız var, karaciğer. 🙂 Bizim tek yapmamız gereken sağlıklı beslenmek 🥒 Afiyet sağlık olsun 😋💕
My favoriteeeee (and quickest and easiest and cheapest.....) way to fuel up after hard workouts has gotta be an egg scramble. Piled the pan high with lots of spinach, a diced up kale chicken patty, and whatever veggies I happen to find in the fridge and ta-daaaa! So so simple, and SO YUMMYYYY. Especially when it's topped with Trader Joe's famous Everything but the Bagel seasoning😍 Any runners out there that are always hungrier the day AFTER a hard workout? Yesterday's speedy threshold has got me cravin' all the goods on this Tuesday, and I definitely can't complain😊 Gotta give your body the gas it needs to run! #keepfueling #runner #runfordays #runfordays #running #college #collegerunner #eggscramble #eggs #chicken #protein #fuelup #fuel #runfast #eatslow #health #healthyeats #healthyfood #cleaneats #lunchtime #foodieeee #foodisfuel #loaded #longdistance #gymgym #gymgains #workout #postworkout
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have oats for breakfast.... and then I do things like this. TROPICAL COCONUT OATMEAL 🍓🙌🏻💫🌿. Hey if it ain't broke don't fix it. Currently sipping on a matcha while eating a salad the size of my head, but I wanted to share my breakfast from this weekend because it was way too good not to! DO IT! 1/2 a cup of @bobsredmill quick cookie rolled oats cooked on the stove in 1/2 a cup of water and 1/2 a cup of @califiafarms coconut almond milk, plus 1 tbsp of @salbachia chia seeds and cinnamon. Half way through cooking stir in organic chopped frozen mango and cook until desired consistency is reached! Now for the fun part... TOPPINGS: chopped organic strawberries, unsweetened coconut and @navitasorganics mulberries. Have a lovely day beautiful humans! ✨❤️
Last night was *hella* dope. Planning, prepping and executing a 4-course dinner for 35 (with no on-site kitchen) is no easy feat, and takes weeks of work and countless man hours, but the benefit of a job well done is certainly worth it ✨ — I’m not classically trained, so, in lieu of school, I’ve put myself in positions to learn from the best, and one of those people is Melissa Allen, aka @lilmussels. She’s more than just my executive chef at @victorysandwichbar, but she heads the kitchens of all four restaurants in the group, and still has time to put together amazing experiences like these, while teaching myself and others a thing or two or three about the wonders of food, and keeping us all in check, like the HBIC that she is. The entire menu was her baby, and what a beauty it blossomed into. Very much in awe of all she is and all she does ✨✨✨ — Also, major love to Ashley @archesbrewing for being soooo welcoming, and treating us with appreciation and love the entire evening (that “yassss Queen!” in the video took me OUT 😭). Truly an amazing spirit. — Amongst all of last nights fruitful goodies, the take away of women supporting women, especially within the food + fare industry, was the most profound. Why compare and compete when you can support and succeed? The vibes were of the latter, and I’m still feeling the excitement. Very grateful, very appreciative, very ready for what the future holds 💫🌿✨ — #AppetizeATL🌿
YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE✨Such a perfectly amazing picture from the Toronto Keto Meet Up! It was such a privilege to be surrounded by these amazing individuals, and many more! I always learn so much and feel so lifted by hearing the stories, courage, and experiences of others. We are all so strong - It’s incredible! 〰 What I love most is that we support each other to be our keto selves, in whatever shape or form works best, without any judgment or reservation. That kind of acceptance and positivity is just absolutely amazing (how many times can I use the word amazing in one post? 😆) Can’t wait for the next meet up! 〰 #ketomeetupto #keto #ketofam #ketogenicdiet #ketocanada #paleo #primal #whole30 #lowcarbdiet #lowcarb #lchf #fitness #cleaneats #healthy #weightlossjourney #realfood #sugarfree #glutenfree #weightloss #atkins #intermittentfasting #weightlossrecipes #pcosdiet #mealprep #pcos #dairyfree #dirtygirlscleaneats