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Super natural look for one of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen 😊 #lashextensions #classicextensions #classiclashes #classiceyelashes #naturallook #lashesmanchester
See how a classic set of Eyelash Extension create the eyeliner effect on her eyes? The wings effect at the end are really give her a brilliant looks. Just love this classic on her #lashmaker #lashroom #lashenvy #longmi #lashesbyle #classicextensions #eyelashextensions #lashes #russianlashes #volumelashes #lashtraining #trainingcenter
May is booking up fast! Please DM or email to make an appointment or any other inquiries 😊
I ❤️ lashessss
WAKE. MEDITATE. APPLY OILS. COFFEE. HIGH BUN. TRAP MUSIC. GO! 👱🏽‍♀️ It's a good day to get slayed! Appointments available today click the link in my bio to book your appointment! 💋 #minklashes #lashartist #lashed #lashes #atlbeauty #mua #makeup #eyelashesfordays #eyelashextensions #eyelashextensionsatl #eyelashextensionsatlanta #ilashes #blinkminks #classicextensions #atlmua #atlmua #atlanta #atlbound #atllashes #thepowderbeautyroom #stylistneeded #facedbyliva #faced #nowhiring
We hope your bank holiday weekend is as bright and beautiful as @michellemurphy04 sapphire blue eyes ✨
Our client is serving a bit more of a Tyra Banks 'smize' with her new set of Premium Ellipse Lashes ✨
Currently obsessed with this mornings Premium Ellipse Lash Kitten-Eye 🐱 Perfectly balanced for work and a night out on the town ✨
Lash naps = the best naps 🙌🏼 60 minutes later and hellooo, new lashes!
Love doing volume for my girls with sparser lashes 😘
#WakeUpAndGo Lash extensions can give your eyes the ✨POP✨ you've been wanting, without the hassle of wearing makeup! . . Lash extensions don't always need to be dramatic and over the top. If you're looking for more of a simple and natural look, we can make it happen! ••• call or text 604-364-1621
Happy Fri-yay! 🙌 May your coffee be strong, your lashes be long, and your day spent smiling! 😊🌼 . . (I'm cheesy af 😂) __________💖__________ 🎀CLASSIC FULL SET🎀 Faux Mink: $60 Silk: $75 🎀REFILL🎀 $40 (with 40% lashes remaining) Post 2 weeks: $50 Post 3+ weeks: full set (<30% remaining ) 💌Dm or text: 647-876-2539
--Updated Price List-- Posting as I've had a couple requests, please note that these prices reflect that I may take a bit longer to ensure I give myself enough time to give you lovely lashes! 💕Prices are subject to change over time. #classicextensions #lashesfordays #lashesbyme #lashesonfleek
You don't need heavy lash extensions to achieve a 'full look'. I will not use heavy, thick lash extensions on you as these will damage your lashes and fall out prematurely. I promise you all lovely, healthy, full eye of lashes, that are light and fluffy that will not damage your natural ones 😍👏🏻✅ ask your therapist what thickness they are using, they should not be above a 0.20 unless your lashes are SUPER strong.....be knowledgable ladies 😘 these beauties are D curl, 0.15 in 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13mm 👏🏻
Before & After collage of our beautiful client today. 'Kim K' style hybrid lashes offering length, volume, & lift ✨
Before vs. After Extensions work to lift, thicken, and lengthen the look of your lashes in one simple session ✨
Beautiful 'Kim K' set done today for our client. Fluffy, whispy, flirty, but still natural. Proof that extensions can be tailored to your specific style ✨
If it's not perfect, your not leaving✅
Morning filled with lashes! Gorgeous new clients classic extensions 😍
Classic Lash Extensions 😍
Natural look Eyelash : C9 - C12 Terlihat dramatic? Hasil akhir gak selalu sama setiap mata ya dikarenakan perbedaan masing2 tipe mata client, dari besar kecilnya kelopak mata, tebalnya bulu mata, besarnya mata, jarak antar bulu mata, kelentikan bulu mata, dll 😊 . . . . . #sulamalis #sulamalis6D #6Dmicroblading #sulamalisnatural #sulamalispalembang #koreaneyebrow #naturaleyebrow #aliskorea #alisnatural #sulamalishomeservicepalembang #eyelashextensions #koreaneyelash #tanambulumata #sambungbulumata #classicextensions #extensionbulumata #eyelashextensionpalembang #koreaneyelashpalembang #tanambulumatapalembang #sambungbulumatapalembang #extensionbulumatapalembang #eyelashhomeservicepalembang
💎❤Lash tip: remember to remove all your makeup before your appointment. Leftover mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow residue can affect the adhesive bonding to the natural lash and decrease it's retention!💎❤ . . __________💖__________ 🎀CLASSIC FULL SET🎀 Faux Mink: $60 Silk: $75 🎀REFILL🎀 $40 (with 40% lashes remaining) Post 2 weeks: $50 Post 3+ weeks: full set (<30% remaining ) 💌Dm or text: 647-876-2539
I love refills, bold brows and bold lashes 👀💕she came for a fill and left #SlayedBy6CB 👸🏻 #MixedVolume #VolumeExtensions #ClassicExtensions **I DO NOT HAVE SAME DAY OR SAME WEEK AVAILABILITY. BOOK YOUR FILLS AT LEAST 1.5-2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE LADIES !
Short, natural set of classic lashes. My client wears glasses so we wanted to ensure the lashes would not touch the lense and irritate. How gorgeous are they? 😍👏🏻
Photo ready 📸
Fluffy volume fill 💖👸🏻