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"At a VIP Red Carpet closing dinner gala. - Richard Olivier Jr. www.icpentertaiment.org @richardoliverjr #icpentertainment #icpentshortfilmseries #nyc #la #india #jamaica #paris #tigra_net #repost #host #presenter #celebrity #screenplay #montage #moviemagic #filmmaking #screenwriter #featurefilm #finaldraft #hollywood #bollywood #sandelwood #kannada #polish #poland #classical #pianist #latin #violinist Welcome to the official Instagram Page of Richard Olivier Jr. (Celebrity Host, Personality, CEO of ICP Ent., actor, writer and Executive Producer g & Director of the Rhyme Impersonator Show Web Series & You-Tube Partner Channel) - Follow him on Twitter & IG @richardoliverjr Website: http://rhymelogin.wixsite.com/richardolivier IMDb http://www.imdb.me/richardolivierjr "SUBSCRIBE" at www.youtube.com/therhymeimpersonator and WATCH! Seasons 1-5 of his Web Series and other cool content on The Rhyme Impersonator Show You-Tube Partner Channel. ☆☆☆☆☆ His next project: A Romantic Comedy Feature Film unlike no other (his first) More details to come.... Bookings E. icpentnyc @gmail.com Snapchat @richardoliverjr Website: www.icpentertaiment.org
“Bird of the Red Maple Tree” is my original composition that features a symbiotic relationship between two instruments. One type of symbiotic relationship is commensalism: “one species benefits. The other species is unaffected. A common example is an animal using a plant for shelter. An American Robin benefits by building its nest in a Red Maple tree. The tree is unaffected” (Symbiosis). This excerpt became the basis of the composition. The flute represents an American Robin, and the clarinet represents the Red Maple Tree. Chirps are represented by grace notes which accent eighth notes. Since a symbiotic relationship conveys a special type of interaction between two specific species, I have created two voices that complement each other, but the clarinet (representing the tree) is more independent. I also set a bright and happy mood to the piece in order to portray the impression of a joyful bird singing in the maple tree on a peaceful summer day.
Day 69 of #100daysofpractice I took this video on my first day of learning Mozart.... I always manage to mess up the last note.😂 Started this last week, progress video coming Tuesday!! YIKESSS 🎻: Concerto No. 5 in A Major- Mozart
Thank you once again @scintillationsmusic and Ensemble Françaix for a wonderful Final Fantasy show in Melbourne! You guys are amazing and it was great to bring something fresh to a video game I was brought up with... til the next show! ... FF8?
A while ago the amazing @circusaragonart drew this picture of me, and also sent me the original. I'm so happy to have just received it. Thanks Laura!
Too many conductors on stage!!! Someone forgot she’s not in the studio 😄 That and standing still is way less fun. #noontomidnight #jacaranda #laphil #losangelesmusic #classical #newmusic #singerlife #flail
Gotta check in every 9 months or so to make sure it hasn’t fallen apart.... Feels kind of tragic that it just sits in the back of my closet these days 😔 studying to classical music really makes me miss Civic and all my musician friends #violin #classical #music #backwheniwasamusicmajor