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I don't think I have seen or heard about a generous giver who lacks. My role as the founder of VerseTab is to build a company that gives - @kelvinwrites
Lord, everyday is a struggle to stay on your path, You know the struggles I am facing so please Lord in your power strengthen my heart as I wait on You to act. Keep my mind focused on Your message and mission. I ask you continue to guide me in the right direction and thank you for loving me. Thank You for strengthening me through Your Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
#sunset #ruins and a day ended. I'm thankful I can see so many amazing places and know their history. God has blessed me with an analytical mind and the ability to see and think about where we have been. We have to know where we have been to know where we are going. I'm thankful for the companionship of Jesus on this lovely sunny day exploring #rome. A city that once killed #christians now wears the symbol of her king; the cross hangs high here. I pray the people will make Jesus their guide
. Yeremia 33:3 Berserulah kepada-Ku, maka Aku akan menjawab engkau dan akan memberitahukan kepadamu hal-hal yang besar dan yang tidak terpahami, yakni hal-hal yang tidak kauketahui. . . . . . #yesus #alkitab #fimantuhan #ayatalkitab #inspiring #praisegod #jesus #motivasi #quotes #christians #godisgood #blessed #pray #christianmotivation #kutipan #believe #christianquotes #bible #biblequotes #godsays #motivation #bibleverse #jesuslovesyou #quotesrohani #godsword #percaya #harapan #holybible #inspiringwords #amen
When we start to wonder why God has failed to give us what we've prayed for, we can find ourselves falling into despondency. Caught up in trying to reach a goal, and failing, we can forget that it may not have been God's will for us from the very beginning. Relying on our own notion of what we need, we end up disappointed, disillusioned, and tend to blame God for not answering our prayers. Much of what we think we need is born from our own immaturity, for as we've focused on what we think we need, we fail to quietly surrender to the will of God, and fail to trust in the knowledge that God knows what we really need. We fail during such times to trust God, and surrender to His will for us. We forget that God knows what we really need, and fail to consider the long term good. When we quit struggling against the will of God we find the grace sufficient to prayerfully endure our trials, knowing that God allows that which is salvific for our souls. Like a loving earthly father, our God allows us to endure that which will make us strong, for we know God will lead us to victory over our fallen nature, and usher us into His Kingdom. We know that prayerfully enduring our trials we will become strong, and we will become more faithful children of the Most High. This kind of faithful living will lead us to know the truth of the words, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).” When we trust God, those moments of disappointment make sense, and the bigger picture is clearly set before us, and all despondency is dispelled. - Abbot Tryphon of All Merciful Savior Monastery
21/09/17📝 I have read a lot of stories about celebrities who had an amazing public image 🗽However after making some mistakes their image was damaged. *One of these stories is the story about Tiger Woods who was a darling of the golf world.However after cheating on his wife he lost everything! his marriage,his performance began to decline and his sponsors pulled out of their contacts with him. 😥☹️ The world places our worth on what we do, our achievements, financial statues and public image! But God places our worth in him and does not Value us based on our achievements or failures.God loves us for who we are, which is his children and that's all that matters🙏🏾😇❤️
'Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.' . Ephesians:3:20
*URGENT MESSAGE TO CHRISTIANS IN THIS VERY DAY* God put something in my heart this morning, I was almost in tears, it was like I felt how God was feeling, it really moved me..... We have been blinded by society as Christians, by how we should walk and talk. WE hide who we are as Christians.... Even though God has created us in his image, its like we are putting ON another Identity (THIS IS AN INSULT TO THE VERY CREATOR!!!) Covering up the very identity God designed, it's an insult... we are not of the world, we are children of God... Please, this isn't out of anger, this is something that's really on my heart and passionate about. *The devil is the identity thief... don't let him Change who you are* this isn't for all but if it is, Please... don't hide who you are.... #Christians #openyoureyes #falseidentity
#goodmorning everyone..... Keep #praying ... #believing... #praising #honouring #glorifying God...Keep the #faith....Jesus is the way #truth and #life....God will shower us with everything we need in our lives....Have a good #thursday, the weekend is just around the corner...God Bless Us All. #prayer #look #jesus #gooddays #hope #lifewords #worship #joyful #glorytogod #strength #godbless #gospel #feelgood #blessings #thewordalive #preaching #instatext #yegchurch #yegchurches #christians
Доброе утро. Любить - это плод Духа Святого . Наполняйтесь Духом Святым и будете уметь любить. #instruction_for_life #christians #childofgod #Lord #love #Godislove #вечность #верующие #совершенство #любовь #истина #праведность #святость
Ugh. Ever feel like you have to have a do-over? I'm in that stage right now, and it's PAINFUL. Lots of things coming to light, and the light is bright so it hurts to see ALLLL of the things I've done wrong. But God is merciful and kind, and this verse came to mind this morning. I'm counting on the fact that I can actually have that do-over. What do you need done over? How can you experience God's mercy today?