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Soaking up the afternoon Sun #vitaminD #lyttelton #christchurch #nz #laurashens
รูปมันก็จะเยอะหน่อยนะ มันงามมวากก... #christchurch #newzealand #mountains #nature #views
Can you hear the #jinglebells? The most #cheerful time of the year is here!! 😊😊 Starting off in #auckland in #style with #farmerssantaparade 2017🎅🎭🎈🎊 When: Tomorrow - Sunday 26th of Nov 1:00pm - 2:30pm Where: Cnr Queen & Wellesley St, CBD More on the event on www.eventfinda.co.nz/2017/farmers-santa-parade-2017/auckland #hakalodge #hakalodgeauckland #christchurch #auckland #paihia #taupo #queenstown #hakatours #adventurenz #explorenz #travel #travelgram #travelnz #newzealand #nzmustdo #backpackers #backpackerguidenz #backpacklikeapro #hostel #hostelnz #hostellife
#NewZealand #Christ warns "The belief in a ‪‎God‬ other than man Allah( #MasterFardMuhammad) has taught me goes back into the millions of years--long before Yakub (the father of the devils) because the knowledge of God was kept as a SECRET from the public. This is the FIRST time that it has ever been revealed, and we, the poor rejected and despised people, are blessed to be the first of all the people of earth to receive this secret knowledge of God. If this people (the white race) would teach you truth which has been revealed to me, they would be hastening their own DOOM, for they were not created to teach us the truth but rather to teach us falsehood (just contrary to the truth). It stands true that they are enemies of the truth by their ever warring against the truth. They KNOW that ‪ #‎Islam‬ is the Truth. They KNOW that the history of them that God has revealed to me is the truth but do not like for you to know such truth of them. Therefore, they seek every means to oppose this teaching. They try everyone of you that say that you believe it and are my followers. They are watching you and me, seeking a chance to do us harm. They are so upset and afraid that they visit you at your homes to question you of your sincerity of Islam. As David said in his Psalms (37:32): "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to stay him". Also, Psalms (37:30): "The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment." And in another place (Psa. 95:16): "Who will rise up for me against the workers of iniquity?" I have answered Him and said, "Here I am, take me." For the evil done against my people (the so-called Negroes) I will not keep silent until He executes judgment and defends my cause. Fear not my life, for He is well able to defend it. Know that God is a man and not a spook!" Honorable Elijah Muhammad : Message to the Black Man : The Origin of God as a Spirit and not a Man. #Kimjongun #NorthKorea #Pyongyang #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam
#NewZealand #Christ teaches "Such teaching that God is a mystery makes the prophets' teachings of God all false. There should be a law made and enforced upon such teachers until they have been removed from the public. According to Allah, the origin of such teachings as a Mystery God is from the devils! It was taught to them by their father, Yakub, 6,000 years ago. They KNOW today that God is not a mystery but will not teach it. He (devil), the god of evil, was made to rule the nations of earth for 6,000 years, and naturally he would not teach obedience to a God other than himself. So, a knowledge of the true God of Righteousness was not represented by the devils. The true God was not to be made manifest to the people until the god of evil (devil) has finished or lived out his time, which was allowed to deceive the nations (read These. 2:9-10, Rev. 20:308-10). The shutting up and loosing of the devil mentioned in Rev. 20:7 could refer to the time between the A.D. 570-1555 when they (John Hawkins) deceived our fathers and brought them into slavery in America, which is nearly 1,000 years that they and Christianity were bottled up in Europe by the spread of Islam and Muhammad (may the peace of Allah be upon him) and his successors. Their being loose to deceive the nations of the earth would refer to the time (A.D.1555 to 1955) which they were loose (free) to travel over the earth and deceive the people. Now their freedom is being interfered with, by the Order and Power of the God of Righteousness through the Nation of Righteousness. For the past 6,000 years, the prophets have been predicting the coming of God who would be just and righteous. This righteous God would appear at the end of the world." Honorable Elijah Muhammad : Message to the Black Man #MTTBM  #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam
More happy purchasers! what a great couple! First home buyers. I love what I do! @raywhite #raywhitenz #realestate #agent #christchurch #realty #home #buying #selling #raywhitenextstep #homeowners
I was thinking today that I have so many people that helped get me to where I am now in life.. Represented Canterbury Badminton for 5 years ☑, Played in New Zealand's Division One Wisden Cup ☑, 2x Canterbury Men's Doubles Championship Titles ☑, and this year voted as Canterbury Badminton Sportsman of the Year ☑ ...I've been very lucky and very blessed 😤 #badminton #life #canterbury #christchurch #newzealand #game #sports #thankful #lifelessons #blessed #family #workhard #exercise #nevergiveup #photography #sonya7r
#NewZealand #Christ teaches "How can one teach the people to know God if He, himself, does not know God? If you try teaching the #Christians that God is also a human being, they will say that you are crazy, that you do not believe in God and that you are an infidel. In the meantime, while they admit that He is a Mystery God (unknown), they teach not to make any likeness of Him; yet they adorn their walls and churches with pictures, images and statues like human beings? Can God be a Mystery God and yet send prophets to represent Himself? Have the prophets been representing a God that is not known (Mystery)? They tell us that they heard Gods VOICE speaking to them in their own language. Can a spirit speak a language while being an immaterial something? If God is not material, what pleasure would He get out of material beings and the material universe? What is the basis of spirit? Is the spirit independent of material? Actually, who is that Mystery God? We should take time and study what HAS and IS being taught to us. Study the word and examine it, and if it be the Truth, lay hold to it. To teach people that God is a Mystery God is to teach them that God is unknown. There is NO TRUTH in such teaching. Can one teach that which he himself does not know? If one teaches a thing that he himself does not know, he can be charged with lying to the people. The word MYSTERY, according to the English dictionaries, is something that has not been or cannot be - something beyond human comprehension. The unintelligent, or rather ones without divine knowledge, seem to delight themselves in representing the God as something mysterious Unknown." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Black Man #MTTBM  #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam
Exploring the city today for the @christchurchnz Access All Areas #instameet check out my story for more!!
Busy week with the squad since Monday, backline tech for the #christmasinthepark band! Show night tonight down here in #hagleypark in #Christchurch and theyre playing some mean hits!! Deeeep groove! #cocacola
#NewZealand #Christ warns "American whites want us(Blacks/ #Latinos/ #NativeAmericans) to reject Allah and the TRUE Religion, #Islam and believe in their FALSE religion and false god, whom they CANNOT make manifest to you. They cannot prove to you in this day and time that #Christianity is a defense for you as well as for themselves against their DOOM. America MUST be TAKEN and DESTROYED according to the prophets, at the time and END of the wicked world, where the lost and found members of the ancient and aboriginal people are found. America HATES and MISTREATS her slaves to the extent that it has reached the HEART of Allah and the righteousness of the people of the earth (the #NationofIslam). We read where our black brothers refer to the American so-called Negroes as their brothers, while according to the preachings of some of these lost and found members of the aboriginal nation of the earth they would rather have themselves referred to as the brothers of their enemies. The extent to which the enemy has POISONED the MINDS and HEARTS of my people here in America is SHAMEFUL. They wilfully do anything to deceive the so-called Negroes into going to their DOOM with them. There is no way for the enemy of Allah, His Messenger and His people (the darker people of the earth) to find strength, power and wisdom enough to win in a war against Allah. As it is written in the #Christian #Bible and many other places: "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in thee, which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up" (Peter 3:10). The earth shall not be burned; it will be here for many thousands of years to come. Only that on the earth(America, #England, #Germany, #Italy (the devils) which has sinned against Allah and His laws WILL BE DESTROYED. The earth, the sun, the moon and the stars have never disobeyed Allah since their creation." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Black Man: The Resurrection of Our People #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #W
That's a wrap! Thank you so much to everyone who came to say hi. It was lovely to meet some faces behind instagram accounts 😌 hope y'all enjoyed the handwritten gift tags! Time for a relaxing evening before I start crafting Christmas baubles! 🎄 Special thank you to my sisters, mummy and daddy who were there with me from the start of the market and stayed until the very end. Beyond blessed.
#NewZealand #Christ warns "Their(Whites) religion( #Christianity) is a CURSE to us(Blacks) and is FULL of slavery teaching. They have poisoned the Bible with their adding to and taking from the truth. Now their DOOM is in sight. It is their own work. They rule the sea with powerful deadly ships, parking them off the shores of the homes of OTHER Nations. They secure air bases on foreign soils to park deadly bomb-carrying planes within striking distances of those whom they think to be their enemies. Is this not the easy way to make enemies? Is this the act of a real #Christian, the followers of #Jesus whom they preach came for the PEACE of mankind and to teach the sheathing of the sword and the turning of the other cheek? WHERE is a good Christian among this race? They love meddling in other people's affairs. They are in every fight or war regardless of with whom or where, but yet crying "peace, peace"  with every deadly weapon of war, brandishing them before the Nation as a dare. Shall not the God of Peace and Justice deal with such troublemaking people as He did with those before you of old? I warn everyone of you, my people, fly to Allah with me! As I warned you, the judgment of this world has arrived! Get OUT of the church and get into the Mosques and join onto your own kind, the Nation of Islam! The house you are in shall SURELY FALL and never rise again." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Black Man: House Doomed to Fall #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam 
Check out my story to see what we have been up to for the @christchurchnz Access All Areas #instameet One of the activities was making dumplings at @potstickerdumplingbar !